Dream visits by an unknown Entity

matt-ryan-as-john-constantine-ftrThree nights during the past week I have had dream visits by an unknown Entity, who masquerades as John Constantine from the tv series “Constantine”. In the tv series, John Constantine presents himself as an exorcist and a magician. He’s a bit of a trickster, too. He can be quite a bit of a bastard, but I still like him.

The dreams where I am visited by Entities are different than ordinary dreams. They have more weight and substance, and stay with me very vividly when I wake up. Ordinary dreams tend to fade when I wake up, unless I write them down. But the visitor dreams are as detailed and vivid upon waking as they were when they happened.

I get a very friendly vibe off of “John”, like we’ve been friends for a while. I have not received any knowledge about who He really is.

In the first dream, we’re sitting on a large bed and talking. “John” sits on one side by the headboard, while I sit at the foot of the bed, on the other side. We talk quite a bit about this and that, and then “John” suddenly says that he has fallen in love with me, and I say that I think I’m falling in love with him, too. We talk some more, and then he’s suddenly like “Psyche!” and says he just told me he was in love with me to mess with me, and he laughs like he’s made a grand joke. I call Him “Bastard!”, but I’m not angry or hurt. I still like him.

In the second dream I’m going to help “John” steal a magically powerful meteor stone from the basement of a museum. “John” has spent several days observing the routines of the security guards. He has a detailed plan on how to avoid them. He gives me an amulet that is spelled to mess with the security systems in the museum, so I won’t be seen on the security cameras. I enter the museum, sneak down to the basement and into a room where the stone lies on a pedestal. The amulet screws up the proximity alarm, so I can just pick the stone. The meteor stone has a green, glowing crystal formation in it. I stuff the stone down into my underwear. I’m wearing a loose sweater, so the bulge isn’t visible. I just walk out of the museum with the stone, and give it to “John”. He makes a large bracelet to hold the crystals, and when I’m wearing it I get super-powers; increased speed and strength.
Then the dream turn into an ordinary, silly dream.

In the third dream I’m a psychic; I can astral travel and locate objects in my dreams.
I’m in bed dreaming and astral travelling, while “John” sits by my side, smoking cigarettes and watching a news channel on a small TV. “John” has heard a rumour that the ancient gods are arising in Mexico, and he wants me to investigate. He has also heard about a “sun stone”, which can be used in a magical ritual to make the ancient gods fall asleep again, and he wants me to try and find it.
I astral travel to a small village near Acapulco, at the edge of the jungle. In the jungle, there is a huge stone temple to these ancient gods. I see a group of 4 old men, and they can see me, which is unusual. I talk to them and learn that they are descendants of the priests of the ancient gods. They have at least one long, poisonous claw-nail on their hands, and they scratch my astral body with it. It hurts and I whimper in my dream, and “John” strokes my hair and murmurs: “Don’t be afraid. Remember you can wake up whenever you want to.”
The old men tell me that the ancient gods are indeed rising, and that it will be very bad; they will rain death and destruction on the world.
After having talked with them, I use my Finder sense and go seeking the “sun stone”. I find it hidden in the ancient temple. It looks like a yellow crystal formation and it glows yellow. I sense that if I were to wear this stone, I would become more powerful.
I wake up and tell “John” what I have learned. We decide to go to Mexico together, so I can help him find the “sun stone”.
Then the dream turns into an ordinary dream.

Who is this Entity? I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like Loki. He feels familiar, though.
It seems like He wants to be friends. Does He want me to work for Him? Or was it just a dream setting where we interacted with each other? I don’t know.




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5 Responses to Dream visits by an unknown Entity

  1. Moon Rouge says:

    Whatever happens, it was good to read, I enjoyed! 🙂 (Better than my dreams!)

  2. TigerAngel9 says:

    Maybe he’s a spirit guide helping you and aiding you with your spirit work to expand your knowledge. Spirit guides are different than deities, but they share similiar roles in the spirit realm to lend aid or acquire knowledge. Spirit guides can be a soul from your past live incarnations or a teacher in the spirit realm who took an interest in teaching you lessons. Most spirit guides I worked with have a human incarnation from before, and since they’re human before, that’s what make them differ from deities.

    So it could be a spirit guide whose name is just John. When I work with my own team of spirit guides, their names can be simple human names like George, Susan, Thomas, etc.

    Anyways, maybe your friend John took you to different spirit portals/vortexes in different parts of the globe because they hold a lot of spiritual power and keys to the ancient past or memories. There’s lots of portals that serve as “gateways” or entrances/exits in Mexico/South American region and sometimes, timelines from the past “bleeds” through in those portals, hence you met the priests of that time in your present.

    • Amber Drake says:

      That is a very interesting theory, and not one I have considered.
      I’ve only worked with deities, so far, but not with spirits.
      It will be interesting to see if this Entity masquerading as “John” shows up again.

      • TigerAngel9 says:

        Well, I said what I said because I wanted to speak about my experience. I have the experienced of astral projecting to many other places like England and France for example. My soul goes there during dreamtime because my soul has a previous life/past life incarnations there before. So some of my spirit guides can varied to English folk to France folk. I visited to Peru, Machu Pichu and Brazil with a group of “spirits” because it’s a strong mystical place and a huge portal for souls, but I don’t necessary feel connected there, I just visit there for an event of “transporting” souls to one place to another.

        Maybe John is just himself, and not just a deity. Take my spirit guide, Arthur for example. For years, I thought of him as King Arthur and back then it was fine for me to believe because my soul memories open up and he wants to go steady and gently with me, but one day, when I learned and become evolved enough to handle the truth, he decided to correct me that he was originally a knight Templar during the Crusades war that happened centuries ago…and that’s after I was being horrified to watch the move Braveheart where English knights were portrayed as evil and greedy, when part of it wasn’t true.

        Stlll, he didn’t mind serving as a name as King Arthur, since his myth started as a legend by a group of monks. Spirits aren’t stickler to names anyway, so I wasn’t disappointing it wasn’t the real Arthur. What matters is that he always come to my calls for him, when I get too lonely especially when I felt my Earth incarnation is hard or lonely. Arthur once told me that souls tend to “split up” a percent of their energy, because spirit have jobs and they can be busy in the spirit realm too.

        Soooo, the point I’m trying to say here is don’t beat yourself wondering what kind of entity John is trying to represent. John can be John, and not Loki, but that doesn’t mean John’s energy couldn’t be liken of Loki, and in fact, they can be similar.

        • Amber Drake says:

          That is a fascinating story!

          When I astral travel in dreams, it’s always been Elsewhere to meet with gods, as far as I know. I used to meet up with Loki a lot in the beginning.

          “John” doesn’t feel like Loki, though he feels like a familiar friend. It seems like he wants a platonic friendship, which is fine by me.
          I wonder if I will meet him again.

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