TPE week 4 – A is for altar


This is my altar to Loki.
It’s a low table with a mirror shelf with a drawer in it.

The Loki art is by gothika248 on DeviantArt.
This is how Loki looked like in a dream visit, where I officially invited Him into my life.

On the left there is a Loki doll I bought from an American friend who knitted it herself. There is a candle in front of it.
On the right is a bobble head Marvel Loki doll which is a gift from an Australian friend. There’s a bottle of Fireball whisky behind the Marvel Loki doll, and a box of King incense in front.
On the left and on the right of the mirror with Loki’s image on it I’ve hung silver hearts.
On the left on the mirror shelf there is a small Loki sculpture I made myself from modelling clay. Next to it is a Pocket Dragon holding a large heart, which represents myself.
On the right on the mirror shelf there is a small, white, heart shaped box with “Forever” painted on the lid, which contains Loki’s wedding ring (I got a matching pair for our wedding in 2011). Next to it is a dark stone with the word “Truth” engraved on it.
On the middle of the mirror shelf is a candle holder with small heart shaped holes in it.
In the drawer there is a necklace I bought which reminds me of Loki, a shield bracelet I made myself, and my pendulum.

In front of the mirror shelf is where I put my offerings to Loki.
Every Saturday I light a candle, and pour Him a drink as a symbol of our friendship. I often also burn incense, like I do in the picture.

(This post is a part of The Pagan Experience Project)


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to TPE week 4 – A is for altar

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    Thats my knitted doll, lol! Love the altar.

  2. ubenmaat says:

    The knitted doll is great!

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