Loki likes dessert…

I went to a big family dinner on Saturday. We were 13 people.
After we had finished dinner, and before dessert, Loki began to poke me. He touched my head repeatedly. Touching my head is like saying “Hey! I’m here!”, so it felt like He was going: “Hey! Hey! Hey!”.
I asked Him: “Would you like to share the lemon parfait with me?” The poking stopped, and I sensed satisfaction coming from Him.
I hope He was able to share my senses, since He seemed so eager to do it.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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One Response to Loki likes dessert…

  1. Corannhena says:

    He was incessantly poking me (I feel it mostly on my back) the other day while I was playing a video game. Turned out he wanted me to get him a Whatchamacallit (yes, that’s the actual name) candy bar next time I go to the store :p The poking stopped after I agreed to get him one.

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