Dream visit: Lucifer and Loki

In my dream I am a magician. I’m wearing a lot of amulets I’ve imbued with magickal power and spells. I work with helping people with paranormal issues.
I have my unofficial office in a pub called “The Inn Between”, in a booth in a back corner. The pub used to be an inn, but now the upper floors are flats, and I live in one of them. The pub is a nexus of time and space and it’s easy to open portals there. There is a secret back door that leads back into the 19th century. In a store room, there is a door on a frame leaning against a wall. I have imbued this doorway with magick, and I use it to open portals.

One night I open a portal back in time to visit a friend of mine who is a witch. When I open the door, there is a swirl of purple and black colours, which is the portal. I step through, but instead of finding myself outside of my friend’s house, I’m in a large and dimly lit throne room. There is only one other person there, and He is sitting on a gold and red throne on a dais. He has a very powerful presence.
He is dressed in black; loose shirt with open lacing at the throat, tight trousers and knee high boots. He has pale skin, long, blood red hair, and emerald green eyes that seem to glow. His face is perfectly symmetrical, and His body is perfect. He is stunningly beautiful, and I think that He is created by a great artist and not by nature.
“Who are You?” I ask.
He gets up and walks down the steps of the dais. He suddenly manifest huge, black wings, and I just know that this is Lucifer. I am very surprised, because I have never met Him before.
“Why did you hijack the portal?” I ask.
Lucifer disappears His wings. “I want you to invite me to the private party at The Inn Between tomorrow night,” He says. “It’s been a while since I partied on your plane of existence.”
“I can bring a guest, so that is doable,” I say. “What should I introduce you as?”
Lucifer steps closer to me until He’s only a couple of inches away. He’s a head taller than me, and I have to tilt my head back to look Him in the eyes. His emerald eyes are mesmerising. His presence is powerful, sensual and enticing.
“Introduce me as your brother,” He says with a smile.
“What I’m feeling right now is definitely not sisterly!” I exclaim.
Lucifer grins broadly.

The scene shifts.

It’s the night of the party. I go to the back room, cast a spell, and open the portal to Lucifer’s realm. He steps through.
He mingles with the other people with ease and charm.
A 17th century tune begins to play. Lucifer walks towards me and holds up His hand. “May I have this dance?” He asks.
“Yes, you may,” I answer, and put my hand lightly on His. We dance a very formal, courtly dance. Only our hands are touching.
“Is He courting me?” I wonder.

The scene shifts

I step through the portal and once more it’s been hijacked.
I’m in a dimly lit bedroom. In front of me is a large canopy bed in dark wood, with red curtains and black bedsheets. There is a light in the bed from some unidentified source.
Lucifer lays beneath the duvet, on His side, with His head propped up on His hand, and His other hand laying over the duvet. He lifts the duvet up and back, and reveals a woman lying on Her back next to Him. The woman is beautiful, slender, with shoulder length, ginger hair, freckles and green eyes. I know that this is Loki in female form. I also know that They have just had sex.
“Won’t you join Us?” Lucifer asks.
I’m strongly drawn to both of Them, and part of me wants to join Them, but another part of me is hesitant; I am overwhelmed by Their beauty and Their powerful presences, and I’m unsure about what I’d be getting myself into if I were to join Them. I’m also unsure about joining Them, since I’ve sworn to Loki that He will be my only lover, and that I wouldn’t take another lover without His permission. Does Loki being there mean that I have His permission? Or is it another of His tests?

Then I wake up.
Did I hesitate too long? I don’t know.
I wonder if this was a one off meeting, or if I will be visited by Lucifer again.
I wonder how Lucifer appears to others.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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20 Responses to Dream visit: Lucifer and Loki

  1. Niamh says:

    Take it extra slow, and please be careful about Lucifer. No matter how charming He appears. He weaves all of His agenda into the background, and His agenda carries agenda. He likes to flatter. He is a thousands things, and a dozen faces, including beautiful and heartrending. He is also dangerous, cunning, and difficult to resist. He can show a great deal of kindness and compassion, but He is more than capable of extreme coldness. Make boundaries with Him. Don’t let Him do whatever He wants. And I would talk to Loki about it in detail first.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I’m not going to do anything about it. I’ll wait and see if Lucifer visits my dreams again. I want to know what, if anything, He wants from me.
      I can’t talk to Loki about if; I’m headblind and can’t hear Him. We only interact when He visits my dreams, and dream visits have become rare.

      • Niamh says:

        There are other methods of speaking to spirits, like through divination, emotions, tangible sensations, repetitive signs. You don’t have to hear Them to speak with Them. And hearing Them doesn’t guarantee simple understanding, either. Quite the opposite sometimes.

        I think it’s wonderful that Loki and other spirits visit with you through dreams, though. I’ve met a few people like that, who communicate just through dreams, and it’s fascinating.

        If Lucifer continues to visit, I’m sure He’ll get around to His point at some point. Just be careful and take it slow, if He does … that is the main thing about working with Him. It’s not hard to get hurt by Him.

        • Amber Drake says:

          The only way I can communicate with Entities outside of my dreams are through someone either doing a divination for me or channelling Them.
          I’m crap at sensing emotions or seeing signs.

          Two and a half years ago I was able to hear Loki, but I seem to have lost all my “woo” skills after a major breakdown a bit over two years ago. I do hope my skills are just blocked…

  2. Niamh says:

    On another note, He first appeared to me as pale hands, shadows, and a voice. I see Him as tall, lean and pale, with high cheekbones and a delicate bone structure. He manifests with dark brown hair and blue irises — not vivid or bright, but still rich in color. I’ve never seen Him with green irises, but other people do. He looks beautiful from head to toe. Most often, He wears black shirts with long sleeves and high collars, sometimes a black duster, and black, tailored slacks. His aura feels white or blue to me. His wings appear white to me, but He almost never shows them.

    He has a common appearance around the web as looking like Benedict Cumberbatch, but He doesn’t appear to me like that unless He wants to piss me off.

    I don’t associate the color red with Lucifer, but He can appear however He likes. I do know some other entities who quite like the color red, appear with black wings, and also wouldn’t hesitate to flirt, offer sex, and exhibit a great deal of charm. So I’d be certain to get some verification about Lucifer.

    • Amber Drake says:

      When Entities visits my dreams, I’m given the knowledge of Who They are.
      Loki, for example, changes His shape, appearance and gender, and I always know it’s Him.

      • Niamh says:

        If it’s clear, and that is how it works best for you, I’m not going to tell you to disregard that intuition. I think we’re all just offering advice to help keep you safe, not to throw doubt on what you experienced or offend you.

        From personal experience, I’ve found it best to get outside verification about new spirits. Because spirits can lie, change shape, wear different faces, pretend, paint over the truth. Even in dreams. And sometimes it’s almost impossible to tell.

        Keep in mind also, that not all patron spirits will protect you.

  3. Tay says:

    In my experience, Lucifer is quite kind and compassionate but also quite nonchalant and seductive. Many say to watch out for him, that he’s cunning, could lure you into something you didn’t want, etc., though I don’t actually really get that from him… or if I do, I tend to shrug it off because, well, indifference… and that leads me to one of my biggest problems with working with Lucifer: We share in that nonchalance. We’re both rather, uh, cool and indifferent about things and it’s weird to realize that. Especially when nonchalance is a huge factor of your personality but I digress.

    I tend to experience his seduction in a more, uh, obvious manner (and the results vary. I’m either too stubborn, or he wins or it’s a mixture of both) and I’m starting to suspect he uses temptation and the like to test me, too.

    As an FYI, he isn’t all light to me. I am aware he is a lot more dangerous than he shows himself to be, but he hasn’t shown that side to me so I can’t say anything about it.

    As for appearance wise… he tends to appear to me with straight, black hair and blue eyes. He never really had a definite clothing color or the like, just seemed to fancy… fancy stuff though lately, he’s been appearing more in violet clothing with some gold embroidery though this also might be due to the fact I am particularly fond of an OC I made that is, well, Lucifer… he might be choosing some aesthetics to create a sense of familiarity and ease for me… not that it doesn’t look good on him or anything…

    I do see him with black wings when he does show them… which is very, very rare. I think the only time I actually even saw them was when I was in a deep trance and he was around. I never saw them after that.

    He also gave me a very strong, powerful presence when I first felt him hanging around. It was very headache-inducing and as I kind of fought to get use to it, it just ended up feeling powerful and a bit intimidating. As a bit of a note, I also tend to associate him with gold.

    I do agree with Niamh though, talk to Loki about it first and get some verification it’s Lucifer.

    • Amber Drake says:

      As I said to Niam above, I can’t talk to Loki; I’m headblind and can’t hear Him.
      And when Entities visits my dreams, I’m always given the knowledge of Who They are.

  4. Shade says:

    First of all, as people above have already said, you need to have his identity verified by your patron god, Loki. And I second what Tay said: He is definitely very nonchalant, and He is capable of the most genuine indifference. Don’t get too involved with Him, and don’t get too invested in Him, too. I can tell from my own experience that He doesn’t really mind mortals; He just fancies having fun with us now and then. But He doesn’t really take us serious; and that’s the most important thing regarding any relationship with Him, IMO.

    • Amber Drake says:

      Lucifer’s identity was verified in the dream; when Entities visits my dreams, I’m given the knowledge of Who They are. I trust this knowledge; it hasn’t been wrong so far.
      If I felt the need to verify Lucifer’s identity, I couldn’t do it with Loki; I’m headblind and can’t hear Him.
      I don’t plan to have any kind of relationship with Lucifer. I definitely want to know what He wants from me. So I’ll have to wait until He visits me again in a dream, if He even does.

  5. lokisfire says:

    Ah, Lucifer is one of those I’ve found interest in but wont approach. Better to let him find you, I think. I am sure the people actually working with him can tell you plenty. Though from what I’ve found, he is sort of like everybody’s dad. He’ll talk when he thinks he is right and wants to be involved, and the rest of the time it’s “go talk to your mother”. Intelligent, prideful and not interested in small nonsense. Great to have as an ally but not to be trusted fully (kinda like Loki but more serious). Awful if you piss him off.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I’m not going to approach Lucifer. If He wants anything to do with me, He can visit me in my dreams and tell me.

      Loki is my fulltrui, though; I trust Him completely.

  6. Niamh says:

    “He is capable of the most genuine indifference.”

    Excellent description.

    Also, ditto to the pissing Him off. He can be an incredible force of allegiance. He can also be frightening if things don’t go down well.

    If you make a promise to Him, follow through on it. Or even better, don’t make promises. This also goes for Those under His command.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I’m always respectful towards Entities I’m not familiar with.
      I’m careful of making any promises to anyone who isn’t Loki.

      • Niamh says:

        I didn’t accuse you of not being respectful. Sometimes pissing off a spirit has nothing to do with respect, but rather a lack of knowledge in the politics, attitude, or past of that particular spirit. Some spirits also offend easier than others. It’s just a basic warning to take care — with Lucifer, in particular.

        It’s good you’re careful about making promises. That will help with interactions with Lucifer, if He continues to visit and you decide to do work for Him.

        It sounds like I’ve offended you, and that wasn’t the intent. I apologize if I’ve upset you. I wish you all the best!

  7. ladyimbrium says:

    Since you say that you’re headblind and can’t hear Loki (or at least can’t hear Him clearly enough to be sure of anything via that method) I’d suggest finding a diviner you trust and trying to get some insight in person. I know a few in Maryland and Virginia but since I’m not certain where you’re located I don’t know if that will help.
    I love the name and wordplay of the setting though. The Inn Between? That’s pretty great 🙂

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