Severance ritual

Letting go of negative connections like bad memories or bad relationships  can be difficult. Doing a severance ritual might help.

You’ll need a knife suitable for cutting. If you don’t have an athame, you can take a kitchen knife and consecrate it for the ritual.

This is how I consecrate tools:
I rub the blade with salt and rinse it in running water.
I light a candle on Loki’s altar and hail Him. I lay the knife on the altar and  say: “Dear Loki, please bless this knife which I’m going to  use in a severance ritual.”
I give Loki an offering (I give Him a shot of whisky).
I let the knife lay on the altar for a night.

Severance ritual:
Some people like to cast a circle before doing ritual. Personally, I don’t bother with it.

I light a candle on Loki’s altar, and say: “Dear Loki, please aid me in this severance ritual.”

I sit an meditate on the issue or person I want to sever my connection to.
I try to feel where on my body this negative energetic connection is anchored. If it is a person who has been or is a negative influence in my life, I usually feel the connection in my heart chakra. Sometimes it can be in the solar plexus chakra. I visualise the connection as a line of energy running from, my chakra and to the person. If it is a really negative connection, I sometimes see it as a thick, black, oily rope.

I pick up the knife, and chant “I sever my connection to [person]”, while simultaneously making a cutting motion over my anchor chakra.
I continue: “I sever this connection!” I say it slowly, with intensity, while I slowly cut with the knife, visualising that I’m severing the rope or thread anchored to my chakra. I find that if I sway slightly back and forth while I chant increases the energy I raise for the workings of the ritual.
I repeat this action, with increasing intensity in the chant, until I feel my energy reaching a peak, and then I shout “I sever this connection!”.

I put the knife back on the altar, and spend some time calming, centring and grounding myself.

I end the  ritual by thanking Loki for His aid, and I give Him an offering.

To get rid of any negative energy on the knife, I rub it with salt and rinse it in running water, before I use it for mundane task again.

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5 Responses to Severance ritual

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    I like it. Short sweet and to the point. I usually do things like this via sympathetic proxy, rather than directly. Personal preference, I suppose. Not that you really asked for my opinion, of course. 😉

  2. ubenmaat says:

    I’m gonna try this, though not with Loki.

  3. lilycares says:

    Reblogged this on Earth Star Love and commented:
    Reblogging since this is information and a ritual. ^.^

  4. Moon Rouge says:

    Great and useful post! I only wish and hope I never ever have to do it!

  5. Reblogged this on journeyintoinsanity and commented:
    I should do this one as well.

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