Trance vision and astral projection

This happened three years ago, in 2011, but I haven’t written about it before now.

Three years ago I had some disturbing, upsetting dreams three nights in a row.
I was so disturbed by these dreams that it felt like my grip on reality was slipping.
I prayed to Loki for help, and lay down to try and mediate. I wasn’t sure I would be able to trance, being so upset, but to my surprise I was able to sink down into a trance.

I found myself in on my back, naked, and surrounded by fog. The place was clear for a couple of metres around my body.
I had been to this place before, in hypnagogia, and it seemed to be a place between the waking and the astral plane. I had met Loki before in this between place.
Loki appeared, sitting by my right side. He had long, blond hair, and wore a dark tunic and trousers.
“Please show me you are real, that you are really here,” I begged Him, “do something unexpected.”
He leaned over my body, and drew a series of runes on my heart chakra:
Kenaz, gebo, wunjo, ehwaz and algiz.
I hadn’t expected anything like that, and it convinced me that Loki was really there, with me, and it helped to calm me down. I felt safe and loved.
My own reading of the runes is: passion, gift exchange, joy, partnership and protection.

Later I asked a professional rune reader what message these runes conveyed. She told me this:
“You are protected by Him, blessed by Him, and He will sustain you when you need it in exchange for the devotion you show Him. Ehwaz points to the blessings of a God, and strongly to His attention.”

I had a very strong connection with Loki in 2011 and the first half of 2012, which I lost when I had a major, mental breakdown in November 2012.
I am working with Loki to strengthen that connection again. I pray that it will become as strong as it once was.

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AKA Darkamber.
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22 Responses to Trance vision and astral projection

  1. beanalreasa says:

    What a lovely thing for Him to do.

    I love this post 🙂

  2. SuzyLL says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Is this part of a short story or novella?

    • Amber Drake says:

      No, this really happened to me.

      • Do you have any other post with Loki or runes in it..

        • Amber Drake says:

          I’m a Lokean, so I have many posts about Loki. I only briefly mention runes in other posts.
          Check out my tags, or do a search on my blog.

          • Thx… I’ll check it out and ask some more questions.. If you don’t mind my intrusiveness…

            • Amber Drake says:

              Ask all you want! 🙂

              • Wheb did you first discover Loki… When did he reveal his name to you… And is he as loyal to you as i presume you are loyal to him… How often do you come in contact with him… Is he always with you or is it like a monthly thing…

                • Amber Drake says:

                  Sorry, I didn’t see your comment before now!

                  I first discovered Loki in December 2011. I felt stuck in my life and felt the need for change, and I had read that many who followed Loki saw Him as a force of change. Also, He was my favourite deity from all the mythology I read as a teen.
                  So, I prayed to Him and asked Him if He wanted to work with me, and He began to show up in my dreams. He also began to show up in the mornings when I was half awake and in hypnagogia (a deep trance like state), and He lay in bed with me, against my back, and held an arm around my waist. Then I realised that Loki was actually the same as an unnamed spirit that had been visiting me since 1997, who showed up when I was in hypnagogia, to cuddle with me.
                  He didn’t reveal His name in the first dream He appeared in, but I just knew who He was, even though He had ash blond hair instead of orange/red like so many other Lokeans see Him.
                  He is loyal to me, and very patient. He hasn’t given up on me, no matter how angry I have sometimes been with Him, because I couldn’t understand what the hell He was doing. I’ve thrown His altar out at least 3 times, then rebuilt it.
                  I have contact with Loki every day. I can sense His presence as being surrounded by warmth, which I think is His way of giving a hug. Sometimes I can feel Him lightly touching my head and stroking my hair. Sometimes I can feel Him sending energies into my chakras and work on them.

                  • Hmm… Does he have a specific level of influence… Or is he more of a comforter?

                  • Amber Drake says:

                    Well, Loki is a Trickster deity, and a complex deity. He’s a mover of stories, a force of change, an inspiration of creativity, an unveiler of uncomfortable truths, a bringer of gifts. He can be seen as an agent of chaos, not the kind of chaos that does random shit for His own amusement, but as a force that counters the force of order so it doesn’t become fixed and unchanging.
                    If you ask Loki to work with you, you may discover that He will strip you of any comfortable lies you might have based your life on. He will make you take a long, hard look at yourself and your life. Many people fear a change of comfortable status quo, so they fear Loki.
                    Loki seems to have a fondness for people on the fringe of society and those who cross borders. He’s Himself a gender bender, and He welcomes those who are queer or transgendered. He also welcomes people with mental disorders or illnesses.

                  • And in return…. What’s his motivation… In return what does he ask of?

                  • Amber Drake says:

                    In return, Loki wants what most deities wants: He wants to be loved and honoured, and He wants our time and attention.

                  • Does he ever mention any rivals… I always wondered how that worked… I presume they are like humans… There are deities they like and diskike and work together with or against… Just curious as to if he’s ever mentioned anything about it.. Has he warned you to beware of nefarious deities who didn’t necessarily have your best interesest in mind..

                • Amber Drake says:

                  If you want to, you can email me at

    • Amber Drake says:

      “Does he ever mention any rivals…”

      No, Loki hasn’t mentioned any rivals.

      “I presume they are like humans… There are deities they like and diskike and work together with or against… Just curious as to if he’s ever mentioned anything about it.. Has he warned you to beware of nefarious deities who didn’t necessarily have your best interesest in mind..”

      Yes, deities have personal relationships with each other. Some they like and some they dislike, and some they work with. Loki is known for working with deities from other pantheons. Sometimes He functions as a gateway god; He’ll open the way and prepare a mortal for working with other deities. Sometimes He calls in other deities to work with one of His people, because these deities can teach the mortal about certain things, better than Himself.
      Loki has warned me about the Celtic deity Gilfaethwy, and about Apollo. I had some very unpleasant interactions with them 2 years ago.

      • Interesting… It seems Loki has all your loyalty… Are you open to any others or does he pretty much consume most of your attetion on that plain of existence..

        • Amber Drake says:

          Yes, Loki is my fulltrui, the one who has my complete trust.
          I had brief contacts with other deities a couple of years ago, but it’s only been Loki during the last two years. I am open to work with others, if Loki should find that necessary.

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