Chakra meditation and Loki’s presence

2014-09-13 12.33.13

A couple of days ago I did my chakra meditation. I lay down and focused on opening up my chakras to Loki (I prefer to lie down when I meditate, as it’s easier for me to sink into trance this way).

I visualise my chakras as appropriately coloured lotus flowers, and start with a red lotus at the root chakra. I visualise the lotus as almost closed, and then I visualise it slowly opening up, and beginning to glow. Then I visualise a line of white energy growing from the core of the lotus, ascending to the next chakra lotus, which then slowly opens up, and so on.

The next day I suddenly felt Loki’s presences very strongly. It was like being embraced, my whole body being surrounded, by a warm presence, and I felt His energies and love in my heart chakra.
I again felt Loki’s presence strongly after I had gone to bed. I also felt His energies strongly in my root chakra.
Loki said to me: “Now do you believe I am with you, and that I’m really talking to you?”


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1 Response to Chakra meditation and Loki’s presence

  1. bluehufsa says:

    Thanks for posting this, i’m gonna try too.

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