Warding and banishment ritual

First take your wand and ask your Deity to bless it, and put it on your Deity’s altar for a night. Hold the wand up over the altar in the palm of both hands and say: “[Deity] bless this wand”. Give you deity an offering, like a drink of a beverage you know He/She likes.
If you don’t have a wand, you can find a tree branch as long as your forearm and use that. If you can’t find a tree branch, you can use your index finger on your hand of power (the one you write with).

Stand facing your Deity’s altar.
Light a candle and hail (greet) Him/Her. (I usually say: “Hail Loki! I welcome you into my home and into my heart!”)
Pour Him/Her an offering drink, and say “Please aid me in my banishment ritual.”

Hold the wand in your hand of power (your writing hand), arm stretched out and wand pointing down. (Or point with your index finger.)
Face east, then turn in a circle (with the clock) and say:
“With this circle I draw around me
I draw on [Deity]’s grace to protect and surround me”

Face the altar and say:
“With [Deity]’s aid I now ward and banish
Any and all negative forces will vanish
With this rune chant I throw
Protection around me now”



Face east and draw the Algiz rune in front of you with the wand while you chant “Algiz” three times. Draw the rune with three strokes. Focus on your intention to ward against and banish negative forces.
Repeat in the other three cardinal directions.

End with facing [Deity]’s altar, and thank Him/Her for His/Her aid.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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  2. Anonymous says:

    This is very helpful and to the point. I like that in a ritual. Thank you for posting!

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