Godspousery – links

Does anyone have any more links I could add to this list?

“Discernment for Godspouses” – Dver @ “A Forest Door”
“Thinking Godspousery is For You? Read This.” – Gefnsdottir @ “Adventures in Vanaheim”
“Question: Abuse in a Godspouse Relationship” – Grumpy Lokean Elder
“Godspouse FAQs” – Heather Freysdottir @ “Loki’s Bruid”
“PBP: G is for ‘godspousery'” – Lykeia @ “Beloved in Light”
“B is for Bride: Pagan Blog Project” – Beth Lynch @ “Wytch of the North”
“God-spousery” – Beth Lynch
“Introductory Video: Godspousery and Looking for Validation” – Beth Lynch
“So you wanna be a godspouse? (some plain talk)” – Beth Lynch
“The Work of a Godspouse” – Beth Lynch
“It doesn’t have to all look the same, and that’s okay!” – Naiadis @ “Strip Me Back To The Bone”
“On Godspousery” – Elizabeth Vongvisith @ “Polytheism Without Borders”

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  1. moonfire2012 says:

    These are good sources. I’ve read all of them.

  2. We Bring The Fire says:

    Reblogged this on We Bring The Fire.

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