Using discernment in dealing with people

There is a lot of unnecessary drama in Pagan communities.

I wish people would judge others based on direct interaction, by what they say and do, instead of listening to rumours and gossip.
If person B spreads negative rumours about person A, stop for a moment and consider, why are they spreading negative rumours?

What if person A and person B had a falling out, and person B holds a grudge?
What if person B likes to create drama, and embellishes the truth, or flat out lies?
What if person B has a mean streak, and wants to create problems for person A?

Don’t trust everything person B says about person A.
Don’t judge person A based on what others say, if they are bad-mouthing person A.
Don’t spread negative rumours about person A, if you don’t know if it’s actually true.
Actually, don’t spread negative rumours about others.
Bad-mouthing people makes you look bad…

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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1 Response to Using discernment in dealing with people

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I also wish people wouldnt hold grudges based on misunderstandings, misconceptions or rumors like above. I still am blocked by a couple of women on Facebook who refuse to talk to me because they still think I offended their friends and think they can do no wrong. They stubbornly refuse to listen to my side of the story and think I’m some kind of disruptive problem child. I’ve tried making up with them and even apologizing to no avail. I bet they even think Loki and Odin told them what a bad person I am and not to talk to me. They probably think Loki has rejected me in fAvor of them too. I know I can’t turn people’s minds around but a grudge after two years just because of a little jealousy on my part but this is ridiculous. Also imagining I’m doing things I’m not. I don’t have to be jealous anymore anyway because things are happening now. But once people’s minds are made up about you you can’t change them..

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