“Write me a story”

I like to read novels and stories in which Loki is the main, or one of the main, characters.
I had just begun to read a new novel when Loki spoke up: “Why do everyone write Sigyn out of the story?” He complained. “Some even write that I don’t love Her! She is my angel, my shining star; words alone can’t describe how much I love Her!”
After a pause, He continued: “Write me a story!”
“You want me to write you a story? I’ve only written half a dozen fan fictions!” I said.
“I want you to write me a story with Sigyn in it,” Loki said.
“Ok, I’ll try. I’ll do my best,” I said.

So, now I’m working on a short story about Loki and Sigyn. I have ideas for two parts.
I hadn’t thought I’d be doing devotional writing for Loki!




About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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4 Responses to “Write me a story”

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    Yes! Please! This excites me for some reason. I know you’ll do Her justice, and Him too.

  2. Corannhena says:

    (I know this is months old, but I wasn’t sure if I could comment with what Loki spelled to me about it. However, I asked him a few nights ago if there were anything he’s spelled that I’m not allowed to post or quote on the internet, and he said no, anything he spells is okay to post.)

    I was actually somewhat taken aback when I first read this entry, as Loki had spelled to me a few months earlier that one of his nicknames for me is my shining star (he often calls me “radiant” or “luminous” as well), and I can’t remember my exact thought process but it was more or less “did you actually give me the same nickname as Sigyn” and a little later that evening he spelled: Shining star is Sigyn’s and your nickname, right. You have Sigyn’s kindness and you’re both extremely strong-willed. Aaaand now I can’t think of a concluding sentence~

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