Godspouses/consorts/beloveds, and spiritwork and community serivce

From: http://lokisbruid.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/upg-apotheosis-and-what-does-community-work-mean-anyway/

“Let me say this, and I am trying to say this in the most polite, frithful way that I can: some perfectly legitimate Godspouses/Beloveds/Consorts don’t do any spiritwork, aside from their relationship with their Beloved. In fact, the only thing that those persons can chat about with other Lokeans might well be their personal, intimate relationship with their Beloved.”

“It needs to be said: Godspouses, consorts, and spiritworkers do not exist to serve the community. No, really, we don’t. We exist for ourselves. Many of us enjoy helping our Beloveds’ communities in one fashion or another, but if someone can’t do community work, that doesn’t negate their inherent human worth and dignity. Some of us don’t do a lot of human side work. Not everyone is happy go lucky and extroverted. The “Godspouse as Community Worker” trope is damaging to interpersonal relationships, emotional stability, mental health, and personal relationships with the Powers.”

I’m not a spiritworker, apart from the personal work I do with Loki.
I don’t do community service in real life. I do try to answer questions I get from other Lokeans from the online communities, though.
Because I don’t do any “proper” spiritwork or community service, I’ve often felt less worth than those who do. I have this need to feel useful and help others.
It’s a relief to hear that not all godspouses/consorts/beloveds are spiritworkers or do community service.

I’d love to try and help others, though, so feel free to ask me anything. 🙂
I can be reached at: darkamber@darkamber.net


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2 Responses to Godspouses/consorts/beloveds, and spiritwork and community serivce

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I was worried about that when I first started out too, not knowing what I was supposed to do. I was called “gythia” three times by Loki one night but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to don a robe and gather a crowd around me around a campfire or become a Big Name Pagan and part the Red Sea. I’m not extroverted either and would be happy just to serve Him/Them in any capacity I can, wherever I am, even if that’s just kitchen witchery.

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