Communicating via pendulum

Since I can’t hear Loki any more, which  I did 2 years ago, I decided to try to communicate with Him via my pendulum. For some reason I haven’t considered using my pendulum until quite recently. I think I thought that I was too blocked again for even that to work.

I use a paper sheet with four lines, a plus and a cross over each other. The vertical line is “yes”, the horisontal line is “no”, the line down from the left to the right is “no, but” and the line down from the right to the left is “yes, but”.
Sometimes answers are more complex than just “yes” or “no”, that’s when I get a “x, but” answer and then I have to use my intuition to ask additional questions.

I tried pendling yesterday, and I got some very depressing responses to some very important questions. Since it was important questions, I decided to repeat the pendling twice more; if I got the same result three days in a row, I would trust that what I got was true.

I start the pendling sessions with lighting a candle for Loki. I hail Him and welcome Him into my home and into my heart.
Then I use the pendulum on the paper sheet on His altar.
Today I decided to use an old trick, which I didn’t remember yesterday. I visualised a circle of the rune Thurisaz spinning around the pendulum, and cutting off any influence by random spirits.

This is how today’s session went::
“Are you here, Loki?”
“Was it you I talked to yesterday?”
“Was I trolled by a spirit?”
I then asked the important question and got a positive answer.
“Could you talk to me if you tried?” I continued.
“But I’m blocked from hearing you?”
“Am I being blocked by the meds I’m taking?”
I thanked Him for His answers.

I have to remember to ward the pendulum when I use it, so I won’t get trolled by spirits.

I’ve successfully blocked the voice in my head again, and I’m in the process (with the agreement of my therapist) of cutting down on one of the anti-psychotic meds I’m taking. The plan is to reduce it slowly and get off it completely. I wonder if it will make any difference in my connection to Loki.
The second med I’m taking will have to wait; I’ve been told it’s recommended to have been symptom free for a year before cutting out all anti-psychotics.
I will just have to be very patient…

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