3rd wedding anniversary

June 25th was Loki and mine’s 3rd wedding anniversary.
I renewed my marriage oath to him and also gave Him my nun vows.
I’m not one for long,elaborate, flowery speeches, so the ceremony was short and to the point.
Then I shared a delicious cake and some Spanish sparkling wine with Him.

I had bought a new wedding ring for the occasion, which I also used as my oath ring. It looks like a wedding ring, but in silver, and it has “Loki” engraved on the inside in runes. It’s an exact copy of the ring Loki gave me in a dream three years ago, when He first proposed.
I kept my old wedding ring, so, now I have two rings, one on each hand.

It felt right to vow to Him as a nun. I have lived like one for three years already. I did a lot of research into both Christian and Pagan monasticism, to see what I could use in my vow. I was eventually able to create a vow I am happy with.
I choose celibacy as part of my vows; it felt right to vow to have no other being than Loki as my spouse, consort or lover.

I have oathed to Loki for life.
I wonder what the next three years will bring.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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8 Responses to 3rd wedding anniversary

  1. Congradulations! This is so awesome to read! Six years are coming up for both me and Brigid along with my mortal partner too. I plan on performing a renewing of both my oath to Her along with renewing my vows tof marriage to both Brigid and my mortal wife who will be taking up Her marriage vows to Atum.

    • Amber Drake says:

      Thank you. 🙂
      it’s nice to hear from other godspouses.
      I feel that 3, 6 and 9 years are special, and deserve a special marking of the occasion.

      • Ah, I only actually recently discovered the fact that I’m actually married to Brigid….which I explain a bit on one of the latest pieces of writings on my blog called “A life with Brigid at the Heart” or something like that. I’m still getting used to the whole concept which I think will make the renewing of the vows extra special in a way.

        I love hearing about other folks’ relationships too. Thanks for sharing stuff with us as I adore your blog.

  2. moonfire2012 says:

    I raise my glass of mead in celebration with you, and for many more lifetimes ahead.

  3. Red says:

    That’s very exciting! Congratulations.

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