I am here

One evening some days ago, I was overcome by sadness because I’m not as close to Loki as I was two years ago. I really miss the closeness we had. It’s painful sometimes to not have it any more. Also He had been absent for a while.
I went to bed early, lay there crying, and just wanted the day to end.
Then I felt surrounded by warmth, and felt a hand gently stroke my head, several times. I knew Loki was with me. He communicated without words: “Don’t be sad, I am here“.
My sadness lifted, and I cried a few tears of gratitude. My whole body relaxed in the warmth of Loki’s presence, and I fell asleep.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to I am here

  1. Kelli Clark says:

    How comforting! I’m so glad He did that!

  2. So sweet as hard as it is loving someone who isn’t a steady physical presence Loki sure know when and how to make up for the loneliness we sometimes feel.

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