The Hard Stuff: Patronage, Godspousery, and Godslavery

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O, Mourning Star. . .

In my practice, I’ve seen this topic come up several times. So often curious newcomers, or people who have never heard of Godspousery or Godslavery ask the question, what’s the difference between these levels of commitment, and patronage? They’ll take a look at online blogs and scratch their heads, and most of them seem to mutter, ‘ well gee. This just seems like a lot of people who are very gung-ho about their deity dedication’. Why do they call themselves ‘slaves’?  Why do they call themselves spouses? What’s the difference, and isn’t one just a more extreme form of the other. . . ? Aren’t these just pagans who are taking their practice just a step too far outside ‘real’?

Leaving behind the negative criticisms of Godslavery and Godspousery (‘they’re lonely and/or crazy people’, ‘they’re people with nothing better to do’, ect. We’ve already refuted those), because that is…

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