Dream visit: Loki

I see Him with perfect clarity, something that is rare, even in dreams.
His ginger, shoulder length hair, parted on the left. His high cheekbones and narrow chin. His emerald eyes, slightly larger than a humans eyes.
His pale skin. His lithe and wiry body. His long and slender fingers.
He’s dressed in a green shirt which matches His eyes, black trousers and biker boots.

He doesn’t speak. He looks at me seriously; staring at me with His intense, green eyes.

“Why does everything always have to be so difficult for us?” I exclaim.

He doesn’t say anything, just looks at me with a sad expression on His face.

I begin to cry. I feel raw an vulnerable.
He embraces me. He holds me tightly in His strong arms, while I cry on His shoulder. I feel loved and safe in His embrace.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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3 Responses to Dream visit: Loki

  1. beanalreasa says:

    Oh, I can so relate to this.
    *hugs to you*

  2. jakob says:

    I asked him the same thing before, & he gave me a sad look and then looked away.

  3. SuzyLL says:

    Thank you all for sharing this.

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