Mediation flash vision

madhatter 2I’ve had some problems mediating the last couple of weeks. It’s been difficult to empty my mind of thoughts.
The last week when I have tried to mediate and envision Loki, He’s ended up looking like the Mad Hatter a la Johnny Depp.
There are a few differences: Loki is not as pale. He has a black, smaller top hat, with a king of hearts card stuck in the hat band. He has a purple suit with a green waistcoat and a black and gold tie.
I’ve tried to engage Him in conversation in meditation, but it hasn’t worked. When I try to envision Him, it’s always a bit blurred.

Today I tried several times to envision Loki, in between thought noise.
Suddenly I see Him clearly, in a 3/4 profile, looking straight ahead. It was as clear as looking at a photo. Suddenly He turns His head and looks straight at me and winks.
It was a flash vision, which only lasted a few seconds, but it was perfectly clear.
It felt a bit unnerving; it was like looking at a photo which suddenly comes to life. It was also exciting, to finally receive a vision of Him. It’s the first one this year, so I feel I’ve been given a Yule gift.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to Mediation flash vision

  1. Sommarek says:

    A flash is better than nothing! Besides, I would have hoped He’d have apologized to you by now. :p

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