Dream visits: Freyr and Loki

alexander_skarsgardI prayed to Freyr two nights ago, telling Him that I think I need His help to heal. I asked Him if He could visit me in my dreams, so we could communicate.
And He appeared last night. He choose to appear masked as the actor Aleksander Skarsgård.
The dream was rather surreal, but the essence of it was that we began to work on my fears. Freyr did this like exposure therapy, increasing the stress bit by bit. It was unpleasant, but it didn’t take the form of nightmares.

Hiddlestone LokiThen Loki appeared, masked as Hiddlestone Loki from The Avengers.
This dream also was rather surreal. The essence of it was that Loki was captured in a jail cell, and He promised me strength and flexibility if I freed Him. In return, I freed Him, and promised Him I would keep Him safe from all harm.
This is the third time Loki has appeared as Marvel Loki, something new of this year. I was a bit weirded out the first two times I saw Him like this. He seems to have chosen this mask when He wants to show me a vulnerable side.

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2 Responses to Dream visits: Freyr and Loki

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    This shows real progress from the dead time you’ve had the last couple years. I’m so glad They are coming through again. And it’s funny, I and others I’ve talked to have seen Loki in that form off and on too. And when He wants to show a vulnerable side. I wonder why that is?

  2. Sommarek says:

    All deep thoughts aside, you’ve had two purty guys visit you at night – yeah, I’d definitely say the drought is over. 🙂

    It’s funny with Loki’s form and how it relates to his vulnerability – perhaps it is easier to show oneself as “small” in a form that isn’t really yours… or perhaps it’s just because Hiddles does vulnerable really well. I have a million theories, all as plausible.

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