Who’s a Little Pony Princess?


Drawn by Tantalight

I was chatting with Tantalight yesterday, talking about Loki. She said that “Hot Redhead” ought to be a modern byname for Him. I said “Hotpants” ought to be another. Then I realised that hotpants could also mean tiny shorts.

And then Loki proceeded to give me an image of Himself in red, shiny hotpants with knee-high white 70’s platform boots with glitter! He was prancing and strutting around, hands on hips, like Mick Jagger on stage. He tossed His long, wild, red hair around. He reminded me of a prancing horse, so I told Him “Who wants to be a My Little Pony, then?”. Loki stuck out His tongue to me, then promptly added a horsetail to His hotpants, and added glitter to His cheekbones and chest. He continued to prance around with even more exaggerated high knee-lifts. Then He suddenly added a diamond studded tiara and sceptre to the outfit. He did a twirl, before continuing to prance around. He was obviously having lots of fun; He wore a huge grin on His face.

I had to laugh out loud at His antics. I think He did it to cheer me up, and it sure worked! 🙂


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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4 Responses to Who’s a Little Pony Princess?

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    OMG this made me laugh so hard this morning! Especially because it’s in light of a recent comment by a spirit touched daughter of a pagan woman I know locally. I went to a harvest sumbel this weekend and as we were all chatting at the fire, this girl who I learned talks to Loki and Thor on a regular basis blurt out, “Loki told me earlier today “I’m a pretty princess!” He’s been on that kick lately. I told her He likes glitter…LOTS of glitter.

  2. Myriad says:

    KinkyBoots is one that a friend of mine likes. I don’t think she means plateau boots, though… oh no 🙂 😉

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