Welcome Loki

Loki came to me in a meditation trance and showed me an allegorical vision about how it’s like for Him to be welcomed into a mortal’s life:

He is standing on an endless plain, where it’s always twilight.
Tiny houses are scattered all over the plain. They all look grey and unwelcoming. Some houses have lights in a window, but they are all faint and cold and don’t call to Him.There are no paths between the houses, the plain is just short, pale grass and dirt. It’s a bleak and barren landscape.
He walks for what seems like several days and nights. Then He sees it; a tiny light in the distance, calling to Him. He walks quickly and eagerly towards the source of the guiding light.
Finally, He is at His destination. It’s a tiny, red, wood panelled house with white frames around the two windows on the front, each one on the side of a white front door. There is a small patch of green grass around the house, and flowers growing under the windows. In one of the windows there is a lantern, its flame burning strongly and brightly. It burns for Him. There is a mat in front of the door, on which it is written: “Welcome Loki!”. He is filled with a sense of homecoming, and lifts His hand to knock on the door.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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9 Responses to Welcome Loki

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I love this description! I didn’t know it was that intense for Him. I imagine my house looked like a cross between a candlelit castle and a hipster carnival funhouse, lol. And there’s more than a light, I have a whole nightclub of flashing neons and fire blazing!

  2. How sweet I love that description it goes along with something Loki told me the other morning. It was one of those rare moments when He shows just a hint of vulnerability. It wasn’t weakness so don’t get me wrong, He just made a big deal out of what it means to Him to be welcomed into someone’s life. To be loved and trusted after everything that’s been said about Him over the years. Loki is well aware of the fact that there are places He’s specifically not welcome. To be welcomed and to be loved an appreciated is something He treasures. I’m glad I’m not the only one he showed that too.

  3. The imagery caught my attention, Loki used sparks of light on a flat plain to illustrate how the mind of a deity works. All the little sparks were the aspects of him and they were all being linked in a way similar to neurons. Oh and welcome back Amber, I hope this means you are up and about again

  4. Myriad says:

    That was lovely! Loki once showed me how my altar/sacred space looks to Him, or rather showed me an image that I could understand. The image itself wasn’t so *literal* as you describe your experience, but the feel of it was very similar. 🙂

  5. bluehufsa says:

    Love it !

  6. Sommarek says:

    This is one of the most lovely blog posts I’ve ever read. I can’t imagine a place where He wouldn’t be welcome, or a reason for why. My own door will always be open for Him, and thinking that this is how He feels about it brought tears of pride and joy to my eyes.
    Hail Loki. ❤

  7. Wow, that’s powerful, beautiful, and a little sad all at once.

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