UPG: Jormungand

I’ve met Jormungand briefly in a trance-vision last year.
For some reason I began to sing in my mind “row, row, row your boat” (in the Norwegian version, it’s about rowing across the North Sea).
I suddenly saw a small boat on the sea, and then Jormungand appeared. He undulated His body and made the little boat rock. He seemed to really like that song.
Then I was standing on a cliff, and He put His large head in front of me. I placed my hands on His snout and swayed from side to side, and He tipped His head from side to side; we were “dancing” together, while I continued to sing the song.
I heard this gurgling sound in my mind, and realised I was hearing Him laugh.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to UPG: Jormungand

  1. That is a really sweet vision!

  2. scribe88 says:

    Aaaaw that’s amazing 😀

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