I am changing, very slowly. I feel I am becoming more sensitive to energies.

A few days ago, late in the evening, as I sat out on my balcony having a cig, I suddenly felt like I was being noticed and then watched. It felt like I could feel the spirits of the trees I was looking at, and a slow stirring of the landspirit.
The next day I had a feeling of a thin connection to the treespirits and the landspirit; there is a feeling of being watched, and a feeling of hushed anticipation. The latter I think is connected with the first rain of the year, and a slight feeling of spring in the air.
It’s like I can sense the spring energies; I feel like I am also waking up after the winter.

Loki has begun to send energies into my body again, like He did before I had my breakdown and got ill. It’s primarily the root chakra and third eye chakra He’s working on now. Sometimes I can feel energies in my heart and solar plexus chakras, too.
Loki is being very gentle with me, for which I am very grateful; I am still fragile after my breakdown.

Sometimes things feel a little surreal, like I’m not completely here. It feels like I have a toe in the spirit-realm.



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AKA Darkamber.
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  1. Raan says:

    Thats wonderful. 🙂

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