Kemetic Round Table : Dealing with Feelings of Inadequacy

“When feelings of inadequacy strike, remember that every word, every action, every person, matters. Remember that even the smallest word, the smallest action, the smallest person, can make a difference. Perhaps a small difference, but an important difference all the same.
We are only useless and powerless and “not good enough” when we talk ourselves into feeling and thinking that way, or allow others to convince that we are such. Remember this.”


I’m currently struggling with low self-esteem and feeling useless and not good enough for my God.
This post really helped me and gave me much food for thought.

Shadows of the Sun

As touched upon in the Kemetic Round Table article I wrote concerning ritual purity, we all deal with feelings of inadequacy in our religious and personal lives. At times, we don’t feel pure enough, or “good” enough. We don’t feel like we’re doing enough. Something. Whatever it is . . . “It just isn’t enough. Look at that person over there; their life and religious practice are so shiny. I don’t have a life like theirs, or relationships with deities like theirs, or a super profundo job like theirs. I’m not a big-wig priest or leader; I’m no diviner. I’m nothing special. I’m one of the “little people.” I can’t fill those shoes. I must not be good enough. I must suck. I must not be deserving of those things the way everyone else seems to be.”

I’m going to tell a few things about my personal…

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