Reblog: Dear Other People Who Work With Loki.



Please remember that today doesn’t give you a special godly-ordained carte blanche to be a raging, trolling asshat to people. Cruel pranks aren’t really a religious requirement. Please choose your jokes and pranks with care if you are participating in April Fool’s Day. You can have fun and also be respectful of others.

The rest of us thank you for choosing to not be an asshat. Thanks.

Just remember:

  • Your actions are your own. Your god isn’t making you do anything (like being an ass). If you’re being an ass, at least know where it’s coming from (yourself).
  • Whatever you do, it’s on your own head; you’re going to have to eat the consequences. Loki isn’t making us do anything.
  • Especially: April Fool’s Day is about being a Fool. If you wish to play the part of a Fool, understand what that entails. (Or don’t; we’re all Fools on Fool’s Day.)

This is relevant for the rest of the year, too.
Being a Lokean is not an excuse for being a troll or an asshat, ever.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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