UPG: Bowl holding ritual

A few weeks ago I did bowl-bearing a few days in a row for Sigyn and Loki as devotional work.
Unfortunately I have back problems, so I wasn’t able to hold up the bowl for long before my back felt like it was on fire from pain.
After my fasting and breakdown, I have found that I can trance far more easily, so I managed to trance while holding the bowl.

I said out loud to Sigyn that I would try to hold my bowl for Her, so she could rest a little. I lifted the bowl and held it over Loki’s altar, while I chanted Sigyn’s name.
I closed my eyes and imagined that I was holding the bowl over Loki’s face to catch the venom from the snake above Him. This is usually how the bowl-bearing is depicted in art.
But each time I held the bowl, the image in my mind shifted, and I found myself envisioning holding the bowl over Loki’s chest, over His heart.

I suddenly had new knowledge, like a small information download into my mind.
The venom of the snake is like incredibly slow acid, and every time Sigyn has to empty Her bowl, it drips down on Loki’s chest and eats away at it a tiny bit at a time.
Loki is bound by His ability to love, and His love for Narvi, whose intestines was used to bind Him. As long as His love for Narvi remains, Loki can’t break Himself free.
However, if the snake venom eats away at and damages Loki’s heart too much, He will loose his ability to love, which will turn Him into an god gone insane from grief, rage and torture; a vengeance obsessed, raging monster who wants to burn and destroy everything and everyone.

So Sigyn not only protects her husband from pain, but also protects His heart so He won’t loose His ability to love. This means She also helps to prolong the time before Ragnarok happens, if one interprets the old stories to mean that when Loki breaks His chains, Ragnarok wil begin. And indirectly, it means that Sigyn helps to protect both the Æsir and us mortals.

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3 Responses to UPG: Bowl holding ritual

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    That is beautiful Amber! I’m so glad to see you getting in touch with Them again!

  2. ainevethe says:

    oh wow. !! This was intense and has given me so much to think about now! Thank you for sharing this! I also now have a beautiful appreciation that I did not have before for Sigyn, so thank you, on many levels!!!!

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