Reblog: So you wanna be a godspouse? (some plain talk)

Reblogged from Wytch of the North:

First, an announcement: as of today, January 1st 2013, I will no longer be available to answer either seidhr or divination questions along the lines of “Does Deity X (fill in the blank, but Loki and Odin are the usual suspects) want to marry me/sleep with me/date me?” or even, “What does Deity X want from me?” in which the unspoken subtext is, “Does He/She want to marry me?” Once again, any seidhr questions or reading requests that follow some variation on this pattern will be refused, and a link to this post given.


And towards that end, I will continue to share what I can about my path on my blog, including stuff about being a godspouse in more general terms, such as the remainder of this post. I will also be making “Ask me about Odin” a permanent and ongoing feature here, since I was unable to address the questions I received during the month of December. I will continue to provide some degree of pastoral counseling both during and after seidhr, and will be providing a suggested reading list on my blog for people hoping to go deeper into devotional work. (Which is, by the way, the gateway discipline for anyone hoping to progress to god-marriage.)
And so, in lieue of addressing your individual godspouse-related queries directly, here are a few rules aspiring godspouses may want to consider:

1. You cannot trick, coerce, bewitch, or otherwise force a deity into marrying you. (This should be a given for most people reading this, I hope, but one never knows, so we’ll go from here.)

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