2012 and Loki

I have reflected on last year, and my relationship with Loki.
There have been much confusion, frustration and heartache.
I do see now, however, that I have been terribly unfair to Loki, and blamed Him for what I have perceived as negative, because I didn’t understand what is going on.
I need to learn to trust Him more, and how to better open up to Him.
I do love Him with a passion.
I am still quite confused, but I have hope that things will work out, and I have faith in Loki; I believe that He loves me as my Husband, and that He is working on finding ways to help me.
I don’t know quite know what my Path is yet. For now it is enough be one of Loki’s spouses and to follow where He leads, and that my Work is myself and my own issues.



About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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