Short update

Much has happened in a short time.

I’ve received several divinations and oraclings. I understand more of what is going on, but I was also told that while all this was helpful, some also brought more confusion.
Loki wanted me to do a preparation period, for a potential block breaking. He wanted me to not meditate actively and try to feel Him, but to contemplate the runes Perthro and Laguz, now and again.

Letting go is the big theme.
Letting go of everything I think I know about what has happened and what is happening.
Letting go of all pre-conceived notions about Loki Himself.
Letting go of ego.

Loki wants me to be in a state of freefall.
A state where I don’t worry about which way things may go.

So, I’m doing a 9 day with “fasting as much as possible and sleeping as little as possible” thing, with light meditation (not active) and some musings on my current life, my relationship with Loki, my relationship with the gods, ego and egodeath, opening up, and similar.
I’m to stay at home, with no distractions like TV/radio/music, and avoid talking to people as much as possible. The distractions drown out the voices of the gods.
It’s sort of an urban version of utsitting (“Outsitting”), done inside. An utsitting light, I guess.
You could also think of it as a 9 day devotional.

This is day 8.

I can safely say I’ve had some epiphanies and breakthroughs.
I’ve done some divinations, and one question I asked of Sigyn gave me the runes Tiwaz and Fehu, which gave additional meaning to Perthro and Laguz, and the issue of letting go and egodeath.
The book “The Book of Rune Secrets” has been a real treasure and help in my musings on the runes.

I’ll do a longer write-up on it when I’m finished with this period.


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  1. Raan says:

    That is a heavy load. 🙂 Good luck.

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