Personal relationship with deities


A deity with whom you have a personal, human-like relationship will put up with a lot more error from you. They will let you dick around and blow off your spiritual path for a much longer time, possibly your whole life … so long as you love them passionately, in the way that the Hindus refer to as “bhakti”. You are expected to be tolerant of their faults, and trust them anyway … and they will extend that tolerance to you. They will love you passionately no matter how much you continue to screw up, so long as you love them back with equal fervor. You can be petty, and they don’t care, because you are giving them the freedom to do the same. While they will endeavor to push you to evolve, it’s not the first priority of the relationship.



“They will let you dick around and blow off your spiritual path for a much longer time”

This part is both true and untrue with Loki.
I know he Claims people when they are rather young, and both wants them to do work, and grow up and mature.

In my case, the first time (that I know of) that he came into my life, was back in 1996, when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I was 30 then.
At the time, though, I didn’t know who he was, just that he was some kind of spirit entity; invisible, voiceless and non-corporeal (though in the morning, while in hypnagogia, I could feel his arm around me and his chest against my back, so I knew it was a “he”).
He didn’t make himself known to me as Loki until November/December 2010, when I was 44. He waited that long so that I could have enough time to mature, I think.
Guess I’m a late bloomer… ^_^

When he finally managed to nudge me in the direction of someone who could help him speak with me properly (August 2011) – I was as good as completely “headblind” – he seemed to be all drill seargeant: “Hepp-two-three-four! You are a witch! Act like one!”
Still circling around the acting as a witch thing. Though I’ve finally managed to understand what Loki wants me to do when it comes to what he called “spellworkings”; magick – as in everything and not limiting myself to one type.

A god in the “lower” aspect of divinity is the closest to human-like they get; personal, emotional and subjective. And at their most flawed and fallible, since they don’t necessarily access their “higher” knowledge.
It’s important to keep in mind that when you are in a personal, human-like relationship with a god, that s/he is a Person. A Person with Cosmic Powers, yes, but also a Person with feelings.
So it’s not quite true that you can be petty and they won’t care, because their feelings can get hurt, just as yours can. But they do love you fiercely, and are far more forgiving than a human would be.

I know that in a spousal relationship, the relationship can come first, before Work. It’s not as a rule though; it depends on which god you’re involved with.


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8 Responses to Personal relationship with deities

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    This is comforting to know, because for one thing, I don’t know what kind of work Loki expects me to do anyway, and for another, I’m glad they’re as feeling as they are, and more tolerant of mess-ups than the average human. Because they know more than we do, I’m just like you Amber, in that I”m a late bloomer. I think that’s why Loki came to me when he did, because there were things I had to learn first, experiences I had to have, before I was ready to know him in that way. More specifically, to know him consciously, AS himself. That’s why there’s such a wide 12 year gap between when he introduced himself to me, and when he came back in a more personal way just a few months ago. We’re about the same age too and I also was learning things in my 30s that I should have learned in my 20s, because my life was so messed up back then. It stagnated me. A combination of ignorance, lack of exposure to various things, too much sheltering, and obsession with certain things kept me from learning. It was only in my early 30s that my life started moving in the right direction. Now that i know Loki, I can’t imagine my life without him.

  2. This is why Hellenes are very big on the Greek notion of reciprocity. Which is sort of covered in the quoted section and partially in your perspective. One should always respect the gods and only try to think as a mortal, this is part of the lengthy Delphic Maxims which is the ethical code we follow.

    But for there to be reciprocity, which a lot of Hellenes forget, is not just to give cultus to deity and they assist you in return, but that you build a relationship with them. My personal relationship with Ares is a complicated one, very much like a human/human relationship is. He will not let me just sit idle in my spirituality unless there is a damn good reason, such as making myself healthy again.

    I have gotten, in the past, what I call Cosmic Bitchslaps. They are not as physically painful as a physical slap, but it certainly seems like it when you wake up once you’ve gotten one. Then I find my way back to my path and things seem to calm down. Part of your relationship with the divine has to be trusting them to tell you the truth and to want the best for you.

    • Darkamber says:

      “Part of your relationship with the divine has to be trusting them to tell you the truth and to want the best for you.”

      That is where it’s more difficult to deal with the Lower than Higher Aspect of a deity, because like humans, they are subjective and have feelings, and their own agendas. They can be selfish, jealous and petty. They do want what’s best one of their own, I believe, but may not always have your best interest at heart, because their ego gets in the way.
      I also believe that particularly in this aspect, they will lie whenever it suits them. Sometimes they lie for their own sake, sometimes they lie because there’s something you’re not yet ready to find out.

  3. Anne says:

    This is a comfort to me. (And) Arta has a distant, but not unrelated relation to me. I found myself nodding mostly for my Bird God. We’re human, they’re Gods – where do you think we inherited our faults from other than the source?

  4. Leikin says:

    I think Loki has infinitely more patience for those He claims than many other Gods do. I also think that He is much better at dealing with the fact that those of us He claims have human spousal relationships. IE Hes not the insane Jealous bastard that some Gods can be about that. And that is my experience of Him. Yes I am Bound to Him Heart and Soul but I am equally bound to my earthly mortal husband. I knew of Him from the age of 23 when i fist stumbled into the Norse path. However I did not realize His (as was conveyed by a Wonderful Seer) “Deep Affection” for me until well, August after Galina’s Month of honoring Loki. Then I was hit wiht a TON of info and ‘flashback’ to be shown that HE was indeed beside me from a very very young age… I was 4, He fostered many things in me in hindsight. But what it really boils down to for me is simple. He waited 40 years for me to be able to Truly See Him, In all of his Pain, and Beauty. Now, I would never have it other….

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