Of the types/tradition of magick I’ve read about, Chaos or Freestyle magick, visual/sigil magick and the Feri tradition are what appeals to me.

The problems with the Feri tradition is that it comes with it’s own pantheon of gods.
I thought I could just read about it and try out some different simple exercises, trying it on for size, so to speak, like with other magick styles, but then I’m told that that might piss off the Feri gods. I was told by a few people that I need to speak to the Star Goddess and explain my intentions first, so She understands I’m not just a dabbling dilettante.
But. I don’t know if Loki would think it’s ok to talk to gods, especially from other pantheons, that He hasn’t introduced me to, yet. I really don’t want to risk that; I’ve had enough angry Loki for a while… I remember how pissed off He became last year, when I also prayed to Freyja for help when my cat disappeared.
Besides, I really don’t want to attract the attention of more gods…

After talking to people about magick, I feel like I’m back to square zero when it comes to understanding how to do spells in practice.
And I now wonder, since Loki’s talked about spellworkings via two different people, if He literary meant only spells, or if He meant do magick.
And if it’s only spells, I’m back to the problem of figuring out what the hell I should do spells for. Can I do the same spell over and over again, or do I have to do a different spell each day? I can’t think of enough things to do spells for to cover a week.

I can almost see Loki facepalming…
Well, I’ve said from the start that I can’t figure this out on my own. I just don’t have that intuition about magick or am in contact with my inner witch or whatever the hell people call it…
I have the impression that this is a Catch-22 situation: I won’t be able to understand how to do spells in practice without this magick-intuition, and I won’t be able to develop or get in touch with this intuition thingy without practising doing magick.
I’m seriously developing a strong aversion to magick…

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  1. castielnova says:

    I can’t believe no ones commented on this post.
    Personally I think I’d rather risk Loki’s ire than the ire of a being that does not know me. If you have an interest in Feri tradition, talk to the gods that come part and parcel with it. I’m sure His Firey and Tricsktery self would not only understand, but approve of it. And if he doesn’t, tell him to come talk to me. 😛 My point is when stepping into another deities territory/methods/etc, you talk to them. It’s their world, their methods and their culture. It’d be rude not to say Hi and ask for Her help and blessing. And you never know. you may pick up an ally and a friend. And if you don’t… there’s the risk of smack down. You can hold true to Loki while dealing with other deities. Himself just has issues with Freyja. Big issues. Check the myths.

    In regards to magick I’ve been in the same boat. So I moseyed up to a local elder I call Bear and asked him what was the best way to start getting into the practise of magic. His best advice condensed down is to start with little things. Basics. Small movements of will.
    He gave examples. Like every day he rises and centers himself and then puts on his armour, visualises his defences and puts them on piece by piece. Then he meditates. Then he connects with each of the elements. Water while he showers, fire as he smokes his cigerette, earth as he sits out side, the sun as it shines on him, Air as the wind blows.
    His morning coffee or tea? He makes it a potion by charging it with energy and will.
    Every smoke, every meal he puts a blessing over it. Every time he farewells someone, he gives them a blessing with two simple words. Be Well.

    All these little things that he does every single day to practise, to reaffirm to keep using and excercising his magic. He told me to do the same thing and bit by bit, I’m getting into the habit. His lesson was that by doing this things gain strength, momentum and when it comes time for the bigger things, you’ll find you won’t have to struggle so much. it’s the same as learning anything.

    • Darkamber says:

      After I wrote this, I found a Feri tradition mailing list, which had some Feri initiates and teachers as members.
      I asked if trying on Feri “for size”, and trying the exercises that are about sensing energy and reclaiming oneself and one’s own power would piss off the Feri gods. I got several answers, and not a single one of them agreed with what my friend said. I was encouraged to read more about Feri and trying out the exercises for personal development.

      An acquaintance were kind enough to offer to do a free reading for me to help me out with my “magick” problem. It was a very good reading, which made a lot much clearer. I’ll blog about it soon.

      Heh, the old myths aren’t very reliable. One thing is that they were heavily edited by the Christians who wrote them down, another thing is that the gods have changed during the last 1000 years; They’re no more static than we are.
      I know one Loki-wife who work closely with Freyja, and Loki doesn’t have any problem with that.
      Another example is Heimdall. Most heathens think Loki and Heimdall are enemies, but if They had disagreements over a millennium ago, they certainly seem to have sorted it out. I have one friend who are married to both Loki and Heimdall. She says They get along fine.

      • castielnova says:

        Progress! Excellent!
        Yeah I’m aware but this is coming from what he’s had to say to me about things but… /shrugs/ I could be very wrong and I’m still a wee duckling with these matters.

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