Reblog: Avoiding Being Scammed

Some advice on how to avoid being scammed by people begging for money online, especially if you’re not from the USA.

burningautumn's Blog

Recently my friend and fellow Lokean Faustienne was scammed by couple named Bri and AJ, the story has been all over Lokean blogs recently so I’m not going to rehash that. What I want to discuss was how my friend was convinced these two desperately needed her help. Living outside the USA she had heard about the current economic crisis, and had been under the impression that the help available here in the States was far less comprehensive than in her native country. While it is somewhat true that our social programs may not be as much of a safety net as those of some European countries it’s highly unlikely any American citizen would find themselves in as dire straights as Bri let on. So I wanted to let all my Pagan and Lokean friends who live outside the United States know of ways they can find out about resources…

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