“The truth will set you free”

Revisionist History

by Scamming Scorpios

Please be aware that Bri has a tendency to delete her blog or posts on her blog when too many people catch onto her grift, and she has to move on to new targets. The most recent example of this is the Lokean community. She removed nearly everything from her blog that linked her to that community. There are followers of Loki who read this blog, and can verify that she is currently absolutely blaming Loki for all her problems, and that she broke up with him via a poem in her public blog, that she has taken that community for thousands of dollars, and that once they caught onto her scam and the money dried up, she’s suddenly not so interested in Loki anymore.

She will absolutely try a bit of revisionist history. Fortunately, I’ve taken screenshots of her posts, so if she tries to contradict herself and hurt people with lies about her past, she will be called out.

Beware, followers of Vodou. She’s now claiming that a black man waved at her, so clearly, Papa Legba was saying hi to her. That’s one of the more racist things I’ve heard this week, but whatever. Just watch out.

Source: http://scammingscorpios.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/revisionist-history


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