Reblog: It doesn’t have to all look the same, and that’s okay!

Thank you, Naiadis!
This is a well-written, very valuable and much needed post!

I’m a Loki-wife, and still feel like a very, very new one after a bit over a year.
I’ve been struggling to understand what a god/mortal relationship like this is all about.
All the ‘musts’ I’ve read in in other blogs makes a sacred marriage seem like a very daunting task, with intimidating demands and an endless list of ‘chores’. It’s made me feel insecure and wonder if I’m really able to do all this, to have this kind of relationship.

This is something I will need to re-read many times in the years to come.

There are also some very good comments on this post

Strip Me Back to the Bone

One thing that I see come up again and again, especially with those who are more inclined toward the ‘woo’ side of things, is this idea that everyone ought to be doing everything the same way. That, if one is going to claim the title spirit worker and/or god/spirit-spouse one must: be about pushing one’s physical limits; be about putting the gods and spirits first all the time no matter the cost; be about surrendering everything and anything to the gods at a moments notice even if they don’t understand the reasons why. On top these ‘musts’ there is also the idea that those who have gone before obviously know what they’re doing. Lip service is paid: everyone’s path must be different, but there’s always the fear of judging: everyone’s path must be different, but *my* way is obviously superior.

In the interest of full disclosure: I’ve even had moments…

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