Loki’s first dream appearance

In November 2010, I sent a prayer to Loki, inviting Him to come into my life.
A couple of weeks later, He appeared in a dream for the first time.

I was outdoors somewhere. In front of me was a large, flat field with short, dead looking grass. Houses were strewn randomly all over the field. The houses were all just one floor, and had wood panelling painted in dark brown and grey colours. They reminded me of some of the houses in the neighbourhood where I grew up. There were no roads or paths leading to the houses. There were no signs of people or any animals or insects; everything was completely silent.
Between the houses I got a glimpse of a large bonfire, which I decided to check out.

The bonfire was inside a wood fenced paddock, in a large fire pit.
Two tall, fat, middle-aged men stood by it, doing some kind of pagan ritual. They resembled Buddhas; wrapped in pale orange cloth and with shaven heads.
They saw me and decided to sacrifice me by feeding me to their fire god.
They grabbed an arm each, and began to drag me towards the fire. I fought and kicked, but couldn’t get loose, so I began screaming for help, while continuing to struggle.
Another middle-aged, bald, fat man wrapped in orange cloth appeared. He ordered the men to let me go (without speaking?), and they did.

This third man then walked away from the place, across the field of dead grass, and up a hill with green grass. He walked in front of me, clearly expecting me to follow him without him having to say so.
Halfway up the hill side he changed shape, becoming slender and younger (late 20s), with almost shoulder length ash-blonde hair and blue-green eyes. He was now dressed in a pale yellow tunic, and loose, pale beige trousers.
He didn’t stop walking, but looked at me over his shoulder.
“Are you Loki?” I asked.
He just gave me a lopsided, smug, secretive smile.

I realised with time that that was Loki’s trademark smile. 🙂

If the dream had any symbolic meaning, I have yet to figure one out…


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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