Past life regressions

Last year, in December, I did a couple of past life regressions on my own, with a guided meditation CD.
These are the impressions I got:

An 18th century life.

In the first image, I’m standing by the main street of what looks like a typical American town, the kind I’ve seen in “Western” movies. It looks like most of the town’s people are there, watching a wagon train driving past.
I feel a little wistful, wishing I could go with them into the wild frontier and explore.
I’m dressed in working class clothes: a green jacket, a thick skirt with red, green and beige vertical stripes, a shawl and my hair is covered by a cap. I’m carrying a wicker basket on my left arm.
On my right, a small, dark haired boy is holding on to my skirt with a tight grip, and I have my arm around him in a protective gesture.
From the clothing, this seems to be the first part of the 18th century.

In the second image, I’m inside a small house that I have the impression lie in a forest, a bit outside of town.
I’m standing in front of a table, with my back to a fireplace. I’m ladling some kind of food onto plates. At one end of the table sits the dark haired boy, and at the other end a younger, blond girl.
I sense that these two children are adopted, and that I’m either not married, or married to a husband that is absent.

In the third image, I’m in a bedroom in someone else’s house. A woman is lying in the bed. She’s giving birth, and I’m assisting her. I get the impression I’m the town’s midwife.

In the fourth image I’m an old, white haired woman. I’m lying in bed and I’m dying. I feel that I’m completely at peace, and that I’m leaving a life well lived.
A young man sits by my side, and he has one hand laid over mine. He’s smiling tenderly at me, and I’m smiling at him. This young man is tall and slender, and he has short, unnaturally orange hair, and I know it’s Loki.
I have no fear of death because I know it’s only an end of my current life, and that my spirit will go on. I have an image – picked up from that life’s me? – that when my body is dead, Loki will embrace my spirit and take me home. (What is “home”? Helheim?)

An early past life.

In the first image I’m seeing myself from the back. It’s night. I’m in a small clearing in a forest, and early winter (I think). I’m standing looking towards a bonfire. I get the feeling that I’m not alone. I have long, black hair, but I can’t see or sense what gender I am. I’m leaning on a spear, and I’m dressed in furs. From the look of the clothes and the spear, I get the impression it could be during the Iron Age.

In the second image I’m seeing from a first person POV. It’s another clearing in a forest, and it’s night. The trees here are very high. There are some people standing to each side of me, but I can’t really see them, as I’m looking straight ahead. About three metres in front of me is a large, rough-hewn stone altar, lit by tall torches on either side. Someone seem to be standing on the other side of the altar, but I can’t see more than a vague blur.
I sense that there is going to be some kind of ritual sacrifice, possibly a human sacrifice.

In the third image I’m walking through a rough-hewn stone tunnel, lit with torches set into the walls. That’s all I saw in the last image.

In march, Loki told me that the last life I caught glimpses of, was my first life. The life in which both the Big Block and the Saboteur originated.
He told me some of what happened in this life. While it wasn’t all bad, it was definitely a terrible beginning of my reincarnation path…


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AKA Darkamber.
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3 Responses to Past life regressions

  1. Wow. That’s so neat! If you don’t mind me asking, what CD did you use to do the guided meditations?

    • Darkamber says:

      “Regression to past lives” – Lorna Jackson

      Part of the meditation was, IMO, daft, but it still worked for me.
      The daft bits were when you’re supposed to remember being in your mum’s womb, being told to look around to find a calendar so you can see which year you’re in (as if a calendar has been used in homes through all ages…), and being told to see if you can see anyone around you who you can recognise from this life.

  2. The Rose Bell says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I’m always curious about other’s past life experiences. (“While it wasn’t all bad, it was definitely a terrible beginning of my reincarnation path…”) <—can definitely relate to that.

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