Thinking Godspousery is For You? Read This.

Coercing a deity??
Yeah, good luck with that…

Sounds like a recipe for inviting a divine smack-down of epic proportions…


Adventures in Vanaheim

It has come to my attention that there are certain individuals who seem to believe that coercing a deity into a spousal relationship (assuming it’s even possible) is a good idea. One such individual posted at The Cauldron forum today, bemoaning the fact that they “want Loki to love [them]”, were “looking up new rituals I could use to try to marry Loki and become a godspouse” and  that they were “overcome with jealousy” because they had read about another person’s detailed experiences with Loki.

I did write my own response to this, but TC member Darkhawk said it with way more eloquence than I ever could, so I am posting the entire response here (with permission):

Okay, first thing: back the everliving fuck up and get a grip. You sound like a teenager who wants to know what spells to use to get Tom Cruise to marry her…

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5 Responses to Thinking Godspousery is For You? Read This.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if mine was the blog this person read and decided they were jealous of, but even if it wasn’t, this sort of thing is why I’ve not wanted to post anything about my personal relationship with Himself until this “A Month For Loki” blog project came along. I’ve been down this road before with more than one person in the past. I’m glad someone on that board said what needed to be said to this person.

    • Darkamber says:

      That someone thinks it’s possible to force a god to marry them by using magical spells, is completely mind-boggling. Obviously she has no real understanding of what a deity *is*.

  2. Honestly this shows a good reason why I so very very seldom discuss the subject…in fact most of that personal kind of stuff stays pretty darn personal (though I have talked privately to those who wanted to talk about it, I just don’t write about it publicly much).
    As someone who literally lives and breathes Apollon so to speak, every second of my life is more or less devoted to him. I make devotional images to him regularly, I do ritual for him several times a day, do copious amounts of research so that I am an informed godspouse who can be counted on to be competent about my god and have reliable information, I have taken up Archery to honor him, I have shrines established to his twin and his mother as part of honoring him. Good gods there is really quite a laundry list. What the hell is she crying for?
    Chances are if you really love a god (and not just have a childish crush on some glamorous idea…and lets face it jealousy is not part of real love as far as I can see it…it is about possession and self glorification) real love usually goes both ways. Whoever made such a statement was utterly childish and probably wouldn’t have a god even look twice at her with that kind of attitude. Love is not forced, it cannot be. It just happens. Bah! Ok I am going to get some coffee before my head implodes lol.

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