A Month for Loki #3


You visited me in my dream this morning
It had been months since the last time
I “awoke” and felt you snuggling against my back
Your hand on my hip, Your thumb gently caressing my skin
You slid across my body as sinuously as a snake
To lie in front of me
I wish I could see you in these very lucid dreams
But at least I can hear you and touch you
“I wish You could get rid of what is keeping us apart”, I said
“I wish we could be as close as I yearn for so much”
“It’s complicated”, You sighed
I put my arms around You
And pulled you close to me
You rested your cheek against mine
I held you and stroked your neck
Then I noticed wetness on my cheek
I realized that You are just as sad and frustrated as I am
I have never experienced this side of You before
I love You more than ever
For letting me be the one to give comfort


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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