Loki’s Song

This is an eerie version of the song. Gives me quite the chills.

I was born in battle’s fire
And laid beside my mother’s corpse
My toys the ravens of the field
My lullabies the screams of horse

But when that storm god you all praise
Walks the earth and shatters trees
You huddle close beside my gift
And whisper prayers beside the spit
And as the wood smoke turns and twists
You owe your lives to sly Loki.

Odin saw me on the field
And recognized his bastard son
There he claimed me for his own
Heir to all that he had won


I am the slyest of the gods
And Fire is the gift I gave
I am swifter than the wind
And none can match the tricks I’ve played


What is the honor they give me?
Denied a seat in Odin’s hall
Forbidden fruits from Idun’s tree
And cast outside of Asgard’s walls


So sit beside the fire’s gleam
And count the wrongs that I have borne
I wait for Ragnarok and dream
Hark! Is that the battles horn?

–Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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One Response to Loki’s Song

  1. thedaretojourney says:

    Interesting song, pretty catchy. I can almost here it in an alternative rock (I’m band with genres but I don’t mean that ‘screamo’ stuff, grunge or anything like it) tune or something.Blessings.

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