A Month For Loki: Post III

This touches me in ways I can’t even speak about…

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

Loki and Mental Health

A lot of people over the years have asked me how my devotional relationship with Loki manifests as working with the mentally ill.

There are many ‘faces’ of Loki. As we experience the Lore, we see him in many guises: sometimes he’s the carefree sly man, doing as he pleases rather than what is expected. Other times we see him as the person who thinks outside of the box, especially when it comes to solving the Aesir’s problems. We see him as the sacred observer/outsider. We see him as the leader of the forces of destruction at Ragnorok.

The Loki I deal with – the face I see most often – is the Loki after he’s been punished for the Lokasenna. He’s been forced to witness the death of Narvi and Vali, and been tied to a rock with the entrails. He’s been through enough torture…

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