A Month for Loki – Blogs

Four days into July, and I have read many wonderful poems and articles about Loki.

I thought I’d put together a list of blogs that I’ve found, which is  participating in this Loki honour month, so it’s easier for any who might be interested to find the posts.
(You can also google “Month for Loki”. Some non-Lokeans are also making the occasional post in Loki’s honour. 🙂

Bonfire after Midnight
Breidablik Temple
Comme une offrande sur un brasier
Fire and Ink
Living with Other People’s Gods
Loki’s Bruid
Gangleri’s Grove
Queen Without a Court
Sarenth Odinsson’s Blog
Seeking Mystery
Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars
Twilight and Fire
Valiel’s Notes in English
Words of Fire

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AKA Darkamber.
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