Dear new Lokeans, and those thinking about following Loki

It has recently come to my attention that a few Lokeans are spreading complete and utter BS about what you have to do to become a Real Lokean™.
There was a post about this last year (I think) in the lokeans group on Livejournal.. I thought it was a freak occurrence, but apparently it’s still going on.

The bullshit list:

  • You have to Oath to Loki for life, ASAP
  • You have to marry Loki and become a god-spouse, ASAP
  • Lokean god-spouses are special/better/more worthy than any other kind of devotee
  • If Loki really loved you, He would marry you
  • Lokeans are specifically targeted for spirit attacks

You do not voluntarily Oath to a god before you have spent some years getting to know the god, and the religion in general.
Oathing is serious business, and the gods do not look kindly upon oath-breakers.

You do not have to marry Loki to follow Him. God-spouses (and god-slaves/-servants) are rare. It looks like there are more than there actually are, because some of the new ones write about it on the internet.
Also it’s the deity who asks the mortal to marry them, and even then you don’t have to, and even if you do choose to marry, you can have an option for a divorce in your marriage oath.
Don’t let anyone tell you what kind of relationship you have to have with Loki. It’s between you and Him. And He is perfectly capable of letting you know what kind of relationship He should want Himself.

God-spouses are not in any way better or more worthy than other devotees.
It’s not exactly something to yearn for, either, since the gods demands much more of their mortal spouses when it comes to Work. And studying and training to be able to do the Work.

I firmly believe that the gods love all their devotees.

Spirit attacks:
Spirit attacks are rare. From what I know, violent “Poltergeist” type attacks are extremely rare.
There is no reason to go around being scared and worrying about being attacked.

The only thing you should do to follow Loki,
is to love Him, honour and respect Him.

-another new Lokean

Some blog posts for further reading:
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10 Responses to Dear new Lokeans, and those thinking about following Loki

  1. Reblogged this on Loki's Bruid and commented:
    Reblogging for the signal boost. I have no idea who’d spread such ridiculousness, but this correction bears repeating. In the same way that you and I may be boss, employee, spouse, and daughter, Loki takes many roles with many different people, and none of them are any more or less valuable to Him.

  2. kajanamullein says:

    This can’t be put into straight words often enough :O) – it worries me so much that there is so much bullshit spread on the web…

  3. lokisgungnir says:

    very interesting to read! i do not know much about oaths though…
    i’m just glad to hear spouses are rare ^^” so i feel less…tiny

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  5. kilokean says:

    I am literally floored. I didn’t realize that these were pervasive ideas.

  6. Reblogging to boost awareness.

  7. Reblogged this on makiamberbear's Blog and commented:
    I highly suggest that those who are new to Loki and the Rökkr in general read this please. I also urge everyone knew to anything. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  8. bluehufsa says:

    Thanks for posting this!

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