Discernment – “God-phone” and signal clarity

I’ve only had a “god-phone” connection since Freyr became part of the mix, and that was at the beginning of April.
It’s a connection like via an analog modem; and there is a very limited amount of info that can get through at a time. Or I can liken it to communicating with someone via a small amateur radio, where there’s varying degrees of interference breaking up and making communication rather short-hand.
Most of my communication is hear-sensing yes/no to simple questions. Sometimes the signal is stronger, and I can hear a few words or a sentence. Sometimes the communication is like drops of information appearing in my mind.

There are several things that can create interference and mess up signal clarity. (I’ve read about it, but experiencing it myself is still a useful part of the learning process.)
Being ill, tired, or stressed. Not being emotionally calm.
Being too focused on the outer world and not paying attention. Loki’s “voice” is still a small, quiet one in my mind, so it doesn’t take much to drown it out.

Then there is the question: am I hearing my deity, or is it just one of my mental sock-puppets?
If the conversation is of the chatty, not really important kind, it doesn’t matter that much if I’m just hearing myself; I’m still just in the early test stage with having a “god-phone”.

I sometimes use a pendulum to verify things I hear, when it’s not important things. (I know Loki has said to some of his that he doesn’t like them using a pendulum, so I asked an acquaintance who is also a follower of Loki, if she could ask him if it was ok until I could hear him more clearly, and it was.)
If what I hear is important, I will ask someone else if they can ask Loki about it and/or do a rune reading. I’ve tried doing rune readings on myself, but I’m having a very hard time being able to interpret it.
If it’s something very important I hear, I ask at least two people to do divinations to see if I actually got a message from Loki, and that I understood it correctly. If the answers to the divinations should contradict each other, I ask more people.
Sometimes, just to be sure, I test the signal clarity of those I ask.
I can ask a question like: “Can you ask Loki to verify what he just said, and what it was?” or “Can you ask Loki what his answer to the question I just asked was?”
Asking for a blind rune reading is also good, I think, because then the interpretation of the reading won’t be affected by knowing what the issue is.

Sometimes, though, the voice I hear is the sock-puppet of my shadow,* especially the Saboteur archetype. The Saboteur seems to have found it’s own voice a little after I began to hear Loki. When I realised that I sometimes can hear an aspect of myself pretending to be Loki, I found it surreal, not to mention creepy.
It talks to me pretending to be Loki, to make me angry or upset, trying to drive a wedge between us.
The mind can be a very weird place.

There is an interesting post in the blog Lagutyr which I recommend:
How Do We Know When The Gods Are Really Talking To Us?

I heard Loki say something a bit odd yesterday, and got the idea to try and pull runes, like I’ve heard some do when they’re unsure who they are hearing. If I got Dagaz or Kenaz, that should indicate it was Loki.
I shook the runes around and pulled one out: Kenaz. Well, I guess I was hearing Loki, then.

*In Jungian psychology: “a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts.”

I’ll write more about shadow work in another post.

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2 Responses to Discernment – “God-phone” and signal clarity

  1. submerina says:

    My shadow sock-puppet is predominantly visual, which is _awesome_ 😐 Nothing like trying to tap in and having awful, frightening visions thrown at you. I’ve found that acting fully unimpressed and asking, “Are you done?” works, but it is still deeply unsettling to the trust-bond.

    • Darkamber says:

      I’m beginning to catch on when it’s my saboteur sock-puppet, now.
      Every time I imagine giving her a real bitch slap to the back of her head, and then kicking her ass back into a corner. I’ve even visualised duct taping her mouth shut.
      Doesn’t shut her up for long…

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