Why are so many Asatruars so racist towards the Jotuns?
Like “all Jotuns are evil and the enemy of the Æsir”, as if there is one united Jotun nation. The Æsir themselves don’t hold that view; it would be rather ridiculous if they did, considering that all Æsir have more Jotun blood than Æsir blood in them. There has only ever been one “pure blood” Æs, and that was Buri, the first one and Odin’s grandfather.
As for the view that the Jotuns aren’t gods – again, that seems rather ridiculous, considering that several of them are listed as gods in the Eddas (which so many love to thump).
Some Jotuns are gods. As only some Æsir and Vanir are gods – if you look at it from a Edda POV.
There must be plenty of Æsir outside the walls of Asgard who aren’t powerful enough to be deities – it’s only logical; who else supplies the gods in Asgard with their food and drink? Ditto for the Vanir.
So, as with humans, only a few belong to the nobility (are gods), the rest are farmers, workers, servants and whatnot.
Even if you’re a god, dishes don’t wash themselves, nor do clothes mend themselves…


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5 Responses to Ponderings

  1. Christine says:

    The answer is quite simple: most Asatruar come from Christian backgrounds. When they convert to Asatru, they can’t comprehend a religion where there is no completely good or evil force. To fill in that gap, they use the Jotnar as the evil force, and the Æsir and Vanir as the good forces.

    • Darkamber says:

      Loki and Jotun deities aren’t commonly seen as evil among Scandinavian Asatruars. I don’t think it’s that common with a black and white dichotomy among European heathens. I imagine it is because European society is more secular than US American.

  2. Beth says:

    This is a battle I fought for years when I was still active in the Heathen community. I’d have to agree with Christine, I think a lot of it really does come down to Christian conditioning: there has to be an enemy.

    And no, not all of the Aesir–even within the walls of Asgard–are powerful enough to be gods. I dare you to tell Odin’s mother–a full-blooded frost giantess–that She isn’t a goddess, however. I’ll just be waiting waaaay over here while you do that. ;P

  3. Ljót says:

    I definitely get what you are saying, although I’m really, really reluctant to say who was and wasn’t worshipped, historically (assuming we’re using that as a measure of what a god is). I’m thinking specifically of how there are a lot of “little” Aesir attested to (esp. in Snorri) who probably had cults but we don’t actually know much of anything about them other than a few lines in the Prose Edda — many of Frigga’s handmaidens, for instance. We just have to assume, as most mainstream Asatruar do, that Snorri’s mention means that they had active cults at one point in time.

    … now, apply the same logic to Loki, and you get kicked out of symbel …

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