The Big Block – Week 14

Week 14…
*bangs head against desk*

Last week I had to ask Loki (via proxy) about the block again.
I had got a big yes on my question on if it would break before April 1st, and nothing seemed to be happening. Again…

Loki tells me that it’s my belief in the block that keeps it in place.
Why couldn’t He have told me that weeks ago, so I could work on it?!

I worked on telling myself that I was far more unblocked than blocked now, for a few days.

Nothing still kept happening, so I talked to Loki again, via a friend.
From the chat:
K: “Loki, why didn’t you tell her earlier that her belief in the block is what keeps the last bits of it in place?”
Loki: “It was not necessary”
K: “Why was it not necessary?”
Loki: “She should not know before”
K: “Ok… so it was – part of the strategy?”
Loki: “In a way, yes.”

Yeah, try to get a straight answer out of Loki…

Me: “Have I managed to disbelieve enough in the block that I’m not keeping the last bits in place?”
Loki: “You still believe in the block.”
Me: “What can I do to disbelieve in it sufficiently? Should I disbelieve in it completely?”
Loki: “Nothing. Wait.”
Me: “Uhm…what? I can’t do anything?”
Loki: “It will come. Believe.”
Me: “Does that mean there isn’t anything more I can do to help with the block from my side?”
Loki: “Believe. Believe the block will crush completely. Trust in me. Love me as much as you can is what will give you the strength to do it. Don’t doubt. Give all your strength to that.”


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2 Responses to The Big Block – Week 14

  1. journeymaid says:

    I don’t think the block is there anymore… If you were told it would be gone by April 1st, then that’s probably when it went away… though since you think it’s still there, you’re sort of creating a NEW block. Not as big as The Big Block though. =) Take Loki’s advice and just wait. /Journeymaid

    • Darkamber says:

      Oh, there are definitely still a few bits left of the block. Loki has said so Himself.
      I would know if Loki had crushed the last bits completely, because that is when I will have to deal with the memories of the trauma that created the Big Block in the first place.
      Complications have arisen, which have thrown a spanner in the works. Things haven’t worked out as Loki and I imagined. This is why He has not yet been able to kick-start the final push of the block crushing.
      More on this in another post…

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