Visions of gods

Three times now I have had “flash-visions” of gods while in trance. They only lasted a few seconds but were very clear.

My first vision was of Loki, sometime last year (November, I think).
A friend had given me an advice about trying to visualise meeting Loki while meditating. She said that I could decide to, for instance, visualise a field, then ask Loki to meet me there before I meditated. And I should try to make it as real as possible to me: try to feel the grass under my feet, hear birds singing, etc.
I imagined being behind my dream house, in a large flower field. On the sides of the field were birch trees, and on the other side of the field, in front of me, were firs.
So, there I am, waiting for Loki to appear.
Aaaand, nothing…
Bored, I decide to go and explore the fir forest. I imagine a narrow path beginning at the end of the field and vanishing into the trees. The trees are close together, and it’s a bit murky in there.
I walk along the path, into the forest.
I’ve walked far enough that I can’t see the light from the field any more, when someone suddenly appears, crouched on all fours across the path, blocking it in front of me.
It’s a slender, wiry woman – if she hadn’t had small breasts, I would’ve thought it was a man.
She has waist-length, unkempt, deep scarlet hair, and green eyes. Her face has fine features; high cheek bones, narrow, straight nose, and a narrow chin. She’s rather elf-like, actually; a wild, feral kind of elf.
She’s only wearing a loincloth with torn edges.The right side of her chest and her right arm are tattooed with black, swirly lines.
She’s familiar, and I say a bit hesitantly: “Loki?”
She changes and becomes male; that is, only the small breast disappear, everything else is exactly the same.
Loki doesn’t move a muscle; He just stares at me, with a neutral impression on His face. He reminds me of a big feline that is watching me intensely while it ponders whether I’m edible or fuckable.
I don’t move either, staring back, utterly fascinated. This is the first aspect of Loki where I have sensed His presence. He feels dangerous and strongly sexual.


coldbloodThe other flash-vision was of Odin, last Friday. Odin has helped when Loki has been working on strategic bits of the blockage.
Odin is sitting, 3/4 turned towards me. He looks like He’s in His early 30s. He’s handsome. He has shortish, medium blonde hair parted on the right and combed back at the sides. His eyes are very blue. He’s smiling slightly, and wearing an open, innocent expression on His face.
He’s wearing a darkish blue sweater, and a sheepskin waistcoat (the kind with the wool turned inward).
He resembles a very young Rutger Hauer. I can’t quite make out what kind of trousers He’s wearing, but they seem to be dark grey.


The third vision I had yesterday.
I’m sitting on a couch(?) in some undefined place. In front of me is a small boy, about five years old. He has short brown hair. He’s looking at me; His face is covered with tears. He feels so sad it makes my heart hurt. I embrace Him and draw Him close to me, trying to comfort Him. I say something like: “It will get better, you’ll see.”
I’m wondering who this is, and “Narvi” pops up in my head.
I later verified it by asking Loki & pendling. It was Loki who sent me this vision. I’m not sure why.


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