There was a scenes from my dreams last night that I remember particularly clearly.

I was in a narrow corridor made of rough, untreated wood planks. There was a wall in the front and a wall at the back.
Loki was with me and behind me, with His arms around my waist. The corridor was too narrow for us to stand side by side.
Suddenly the wall at the back started to move forwards, and began pushing us towards the wall in the front. The floor was like ice, and gave no grip. I didn’t dare hold out my arms, because I thought they would break before the wall stopped moving. I was pushed closer and closer to the wall, then up against it, more and more pressure, and then we broke through. The pain was terrible.

The corridor continued on the other side. The side walls were different, and the light was dim. As we were pushed forward, I could see that there was another wall in front of us. This one looked like a fence made of cast iron rods, with some spikes pointing inwards. This time I tried to back pedal, but it was useless. I began to protest loudly “no, no, no, no, no!”. I was pressed up against the fence, then through it. It was agony and I screamed the entire time.

On the other side the corridor had chain link fence walls, and it was outside. There was brilliant sunshine, I saw a clear blue sky above and emerald green grass to the sides. Then I saw the last wall, and really began to scream. It was made of shining steel blades set at different angles, all with points or edges turned inward…
I began to struggle; I wanted to tear myself out of this dream.
Loki spoke, for the first time. He said something like: “Don’t [wake yourself up]. Stay with it [the dream].” I felt that it was important, so I stopped struggling to wake up.
I can’t remember how bad the pain was this time (thankfully), but I remember screaming continuously from the touch of the first blade, and quite some time after I was through.

I think this dream had to do with crunching pieces of the Big Block, and that Loki wanted me to stay in the dream so I didn’t wake up before He was finished.
I wonder if I will notice any difference, like I did after the “Big Block crunching dress rehearsal” dream.

BTW, I had thought that this next to final stage would go faster what with Loki getting help from Odin, but it doesn’t seem like it. Yet another of the many things that puzzles me…

I had a friend ask Loki via simple divination if He at least could say if the breakthrough will happen before April 1st, or May 1st. She got a huge yes on before April 1st. It’s easier to hang in here, when I know that it’s a maximum of two and a half weeks left.

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  1. kajanamullein says:

    Finally! this sounds like progress :O) – I read your post breathlessly…

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