The Big Block – Week 8

I’m still waiting for the final push and the big breakthrough.

I’ve pleaded with Loki to work faster, telling Him I don’t care about the physical pain, and that I will tell Him when I reach my limit.
I’ve communicated with Him via a couple of other Lokeans, and He has said He’s loath to cause me any pain, and He’s afraid that I will let Him push me too far. So, I’ve said that I am not the kind to though it out if the pain goes beyond my limit; I’m the kind who turns into a five year old crying for her mum.
It’s not only the physical pain Loki’s worried about, but my “psychic tolerance”, i.e.: how much I can tolerate before having an energy overload. Well, that part I’m entirely clueless about…

During last week Loki swung back and forth between wanting to work faster because He’s very impatient to get the block out of the way, too, and not wanting to work faster because it’s delicate work and might cause me pain.
It was very frustrating getting urgent messages about things getting harder, then nothing happening.

On Saturday when I talked with Loki (via proxy), He said that He wanted to ask for help from Odin. I said I was ok with that, if it meant that things would go faster.
Things have definitely got “amped up”, because I’ve had a strong headache since Sunday morning. It’s on the right side and like a migraine. There’s aslo a heavy weight on the top of my head (crown chakra), and an ache as if I’ve bumped my head.
I wonder if a small bit of the lock was crushed on Sunday. The pressure in my head quite quickly drew together and centred at a point on the left side of my head. The pressure increased, then suddenly I got very dizzy for a few seconds (good thing I was already lying down), and the pressure vanished.

I have no idea when the final stage of this will begin.
I got a message from Loki last night. He said that He will not tell me when the final push will come, that it’s not necessary. He also said that he can’t tell me, and that there is a reason for that.
Well, I’m mystified…
Would’ve been handy to know approximately when it will happen, days or one week or two or three…

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