Message from ancestors (The Big Block – Week 6)

Yesterday I asked my mentor if she could ask Loki why the block breakthrough is going so slowly. In the “rehearsal” dream it only lasted minutes.

Loki: “It doesn’t have to be so slow. But she doesn’t know what she’s asking for if I hurry.”
I wondered if there would be more than “just” physical pain. The headache I’ve had since Wednesday isn’t painful; I’ve had far worse migraines.
Loki said everything would be worse if He hurried, on several levels: physical, psychic, emotional. He also said that my ancestors desired Him to be gentle with me.
“Be gentle, she’s been through a lot,” my ancestors had said to Loki.
I don’t think I’ve been though all that much in this life – it could’ve been so much worse – so I guess my ancestors are talking about more than this lifetime. Apparently you can be reincarnated several times in the same family line. Interesting.

My mentor, who was in a semi-trance, then got pulled towards my ancestors, who had a message for me:
“You are a queen. You must act like a queen. Know that when the dam breaks, we are all with you. Our love surrounds you. Wrap it around you to push away what hurts you or frightens you.
“We will send you a sign, a symbol to keep close to you.”
They also said that I’d know it when I saw it.

“Queen” seemed to be how they view consorts of deities. It says quite a bit about how you should act.
To me it means a queen who serves people, not the other way around. It means not behaving in any way that can reflect badly on your divine Husband. It means being polite, respectful and kind towards people.

I wonder what kind of sign my ancestors are going to send me!
If it’s something I can keep close to me, does that mean it’s a physical thing? How are they going to be able to send me a physical sign when I rarely leave my apartment?
I’m going to be wondering about this for days, now…


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One Response to Message from ancestors (The Big Block – Week 6)

  1. Bri Broken says:

    Wow — that’s really interesting. A while back, I had a friend tell me about my being a Queen and AJ being my Knight. She was also able to pass on some really helpful messages from my ancestors. I’ll try to find the link to the post when I am back on the computer.

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