Lul, what?

Inspired by a post in Lebannen’s blog, I looked at my blog’s search stats to see what the oddest search that had  brought someone to my blog was.

Loki waffle iron

What? While that actually gives a hit on a post in my blog, why on Earth would anyone search for Loki and waffle iron?
Lebannen enlightened me: there are Marvel-Loki & waffle iron fan fiction stories…
Loki’s waffle iron even has it’s own Tumblr:
Stories origin.
List of waffle iron fan fics.

Oh dear gods, there’s even waffle iron porn…


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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5 Responses to Lul, what?

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  2. journeymaid says:

    Waffles! Lol, you should check out my latest blog post, I just linked back to you… Hugs /JourneyMaid

  3. I’ve had some odd ones also! The two search terms that come to mind right now are ‘sigyn and angrboda wrestling match’ and ‘a flea followed me home.’
    Too funny.
    Salena~ Temple Of the Flea

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